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hello guys,
      I'm having a problem with uploading and deleting file in a folder, but before it works properly and runs smoothly. I think the errors comes out when I click "PERMISSIONS WIZARD" and so on.. in IIS Manager after that I cannot save and delete files in a folder. Is there any solutions.

  By the way, I'm Windows XP - IIS v5.1

 aspSmartUpload.File (0x80040460)
 Unable to save file (Error 1120)

  I need your help asap. Im very much appreciated all your efforts. Thanks
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Don't use the permissions wizard.  Just set the permissions yourself.
The IUSR account needs NTFS write rights.  You do that at the file system level using Windows Explorer.

Two things:

(*) From IIS, for the Virtual Directory and only for the folder where ASPUpload saves (for security reasons, restrict only in this folder), Right Click properties and select Write Also.  For security reasons, ensure that EXECUTE is not enabled in this folder.

(*) Windows Explorer -> Navigate to the folder, Select IUSR_<machinename> and IWAM_<machinename> and enable Write Permission for these accounts in Security tab.

Now you can upload.

Did this help you?


thanks a lot for the comments kiddanger and deepaknet. I really appreciate all your answers. I try to do that all your suggestions but the same thing, it doesnt change anything. I can't upload file.

     How do i bring back uploading and deleting files when i just click the PERMISSIONS WIZARD accidentally and so on.. is there any solutions. Help!

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What exactly did you do?  Do you know how to assign NTFS permissions at the file system level?



         I just accidentally click the PERMISSIONS WIZARD and so on... and then something change I can't save and delete upload files. Do you know on how to go back in IIS 5.1

         I do not know on how to assign NTFS permissions at the file system level. Can you give me instructions on how to assign it?Thanks

Open Windows Explorer and go to the folder you need to set permissions on, right click on the folder name, choose properties, select the security tab and make sure the IUSR_computername account has modify rights.

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