Keyboard Error 0211 on StartUp


This is an old machine that has just been shipped.  On startup everything looks normal and then I get "Keyboard Error 0211" and the PC hangs.  I have tried different keyboards and rebooted many times, what could be wrong?
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It could be that the connector on your motherboard has been damaged, this may have occured when the system was packed up for shipping. You could try getting a USB keyboard - assuming this PC has a USB connection.

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sporenzaAuthor Commented:
I have tried this.  The same problem, ,,,

note that the keyboard does not flash the num locks, etc when the pc startsup.....

thanks for the help!
Does the keyboard work in the bios screen?

You could try resetting the bios back to default settings by either taking out the bios battery for a few minutes or using the header on your motherboard (if it has one), but if it still doesn't work in the bios screen and you've tried other keyboards that are known to be OK, then there's got to be something wrong with the motherboard, I'd have thought that by connecting a USB keyboard would have confirmed this.
Go into your BIOS and check for the *halt on* settings - turn the keyboard to not halt on error, save, and reboot - what now?
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