"Application Popup" error in System Logs..... Corrupt registry????

Need some help with this one.  We have a client running Server 2003 Std.  He's running Veritas 9.1 Backup Exec on it also.  Three days ago he started having backup issues with Veritas.  The backup would complete the C:, but when it would start the Shadow Copy Components, it would fail with an error:

0F0 : Initilization failure on : "Shadow?Copy?Components".  Advanced open file option used: Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).
0F0: Snapshot error (0xfffffed1): A failure occured querying the writer status.

Now, for reference, the client doesn't have the Open File Option installed with Veritas.  Upon further inspection on the Event Viewer, I found this error that started the same time his backup issue occured.  In the System Logs, the same error comes up every 5-15 seconds stating an "Application Popup" error event #333.  The error reads:

"An I/O operation inititated by the Registry failed unrecoverably.  The registry could not read in, or write out, or flush, one of the files that contain the system's image of the Registry."

Search of the Microsoft KB has come back with nothing.  So has a Google and a search of Ex-Ex.com This needs to be addressed ASAP so any help is GREATLY appriciated!

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This might seem from out of left field - but here goes anyway!

Please eliminate this possible problem first.  You have probably been snagged by the APC problem.


Do you use the APC-PBE Agent-service? Yes, we do, no problems for the last 3 years. Then, I can tell you that, SINCE YESTERDAY we've received several reports from users experiencing similar problems. Please restart your server in Safe Mode and disable the APC PBE Agent-service.....

You can also uninstall powerchute entirely, or upgrade it to version 7.

Have a look at this:


and more specific to your problem,


"Corrupt data, bad blocks/sectors, and excessive fragmentation on a hard disk will cause an Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) backup to fail. The I/O device error is only one of many errors that can occur because of this. To resolve the issue, run the Windows Error Checking Utility, a disk defragmentation, and check the Windows Event Viewer Logs on the machine being backed up to find out what files are causing the error to occur. "
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