how can you draw an arrow in forms designer

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Can you draw an arrow in forms designer? I didn't see any options in the line control.

I copied an arrow from word but it's an image box and doesn't look too clean. Thanks
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goto start>programs>accessories>system tools>charactor map.  You can choose an arrow, copy it to your clipboard and paste it into a textbox or label.  Be sure that the font you select in charactor map is the same as the one for the textbox or label.  You can make the label/textbox border and back transperant and move it on top of the end of a line to make it any length.
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And you also must make sure that, if this is a distributed app, the enduser machine has the same font. If you use WingDings you should be fine - from what I understand, it's been installed on every 'Windows machine.


thenelson and LSM,

thank you, seems like a drawing toolbar would be a nice fit. With the arrows I copied in from Word, if I had it going diagonally, the enclosed box was still a rectangle, so pretty ugly.
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You can import arrows from Word into Access - but i believe they are transfered to image controls.
Access was never designed to handle drawing, though the link below may help.

You can also try:
which supports transparent back grounds.

Alternatively, you can just adjust the image box properties (border etc) to make it less of a "box" on your form

I tried for quite some time but couldn't get it to work and couldn't get an answer from lebans.  Have you used it?

It sounds like you are trying to make an organization chart or flow chart.  You can export to Visio or other project management software to do that.
I've not used it - but the downloaded file seems to work perfectly...

I'll have to look at it again.  I can't remember what I was needing it before.

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