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Novell 3.12    error 1.1.45 [error writing to the directory on servername/share]

Please help if you can... Here is a complete writeup..

Novell Share wasn't accessible and I was unable to even ping to the Novell server..

The error at my workstation and the Novell Console was

1.1.45 Error writing to the directory on servername/share
There were atleast 10 lines with that message

followed by
1.1.26 Error writing to file (file name not accessible)

data stream 0
Write Stream was requested by the server

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3.12 ,unless configured specifically to run IP ,will only run IPX,so pinging 3.12 is not an option in trouble shooting .

According to this TID,it could be a number of things:


Among them being the distinct possibility that you are having a hardware issues with the disks.

3.12 is quite old and my guess is that you file server hardware is too.
So I would look at running some diags first.


we performed VREPAIRS on the drive