Linking oracle DB and MS Access -  system error code 998

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I am trying to link identical tables in Oracle DB and MS Access and I followed steps in this article.

I did step 1 - 6 and I  got 'OK' message for tnsping testing.

From MS Access side, this is what I did.

I got Select Data Source windows
Select "File Data Source' tab
From 'Create New Data Source' pop up, I selected Oracle in OraDb10g_home1, gave name and clicked finish button, but got this error message.

'A connection could not be made using the file data source parameter entered'

If I choose 'Machine Data source' tab and clicked 'new' button and selected OraDb10g_home1, the I got this error msg.

'The setup routines for the Oracle in OraDb10g_home1 ODBC driver could not be loaded due to system error code 998.

what is wrong?

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Go to Start --> Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management / Expand Local Users And Groups / Open Groups / Double Click ORA_DBA

Add the OS user to the Members List, that should resolve your problem.
OK, this is how I was able to duplicate your error:

I right-clicked the Oracle root folder --> Properties --> Attributes --> Selected "Read-only" --> Applied changes to folder, subfolders and files and rebooted my machine.
Then I received a system error code 998 when I tried to add a new System DSN.

Afterwards, I did the opposite -unchecked the Read-only option- and rebotted the machine, then it worked again.

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