Problems installing XP Pro/home

Hi All,
having the following problem:
I'm trying to install XP and keep getting the following error-
The file <numerous files here> was not copied correctly.

The file setup placed on your hard drive is not a valid Windows XP system image. If you are installing from a CD, there may be a problem with the Windows XP CD.

Then a list of options ~
The file coping process always gets to around 80-89% then I get this error. I've tried:

 - 1 XP Pro disk and 3 XP Home disks
 - 3 Different CD Drives
 - 2 Different hard drives

I'm going to try a different IDE cable but is there anything else I could try, or it could be?

Many thanks in advance


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I've had this when using cheap motherboards - bad IDE port - since you've replaced almost everything else, time to look at the motherboard.

*I was able to eventually get XP installed on the cheap boards if I went into the BIOS and turned off every processor feature, slowing the pc to a crawl. The instal took several hours, but it worked. I don't recommend this, as I experienced several software problems after the install, and ended up replacing the board 3 months later anyway.

Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
IF these are all original disks (not copies) then it has to be your drive or drive cable...  If changing the IDE cable does not work, then look at the drive itself, and possibly slave another drive to one of the IDE controllers, and try that..

You could also try copying the media to the hard drive, and installing it from there via a command prompt...  Here is a site that outlines that method (note that you need to install SmartDrive first):

I have had issues running installs with Windows XP saying that the files were corrupt or could not be copied.  The problem turned out to be bad memory.  If you have two memory sticks in your computer remove one and try the install again or try different memory all together.

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daleoranAuthor Commented:
Hi All,
many thanks for the speedy replies. I think jsvor has hit the nail on the head. I removed the last memory stick I installed (months ago), restarted the install and so far so good.
I should have mentioned that this is a reformat/install. I've been having problems with the machine for the past few days. I backed up all my files and just wanted to do a fresh install.
Fatal_Exception - all the disks are originals :)

Again many thanks

Glad to hear it's working.
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