dma_int : status=0x51{DriveReady SeekComplete Error}

Following a power outage, when i tried to boot into my Red hat 9  ( i have a dual boot with Win NT ), i am unable to get to a login prompt.

The following is the error i get:

dma_int : status=0x51{DriveReady SeekComplete Error}
dma_int: error=0x40 {Uncorrectable Error}
end_request:i/o error , dev 03:05
mkrootdev : label / not found
Mounting root filesystem
mount: error 2 mounting ext3
Kernel panic: no int found try passing int= option to kernel

Even when using a rescue disk/install disk, it reaches this error and then hangs.

I tried using a knoppix/ubuntu live cd to run a fsck on this filesystem but they too are unable to process the same.

Since i cant get access to the prompt, i am unable to edit any files etc.

Is this a case of a irrecoverable hardware error or is there something that can be done to resolve this issue?
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First try booting from liveCD distro (not rescue, which tries to use Your disk), and after that try repairing Your filesystem
(ie fsck /dev/hda5 # replace the device with Your one).
It will propably fail (but give it a shot), as 'end_request:i/o error , dev 03:05' suggest that there are bad blocks or even some hardware failure.
To scan for bads: badblocks -sv /dev/hda5

Also, try mounting the filesystem as ext2 (mkdir /mnt/mnt; mount -t ext2 /dev/hda5 /mnt/mnt)
All above run from the liveCD.

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krtknAuthor Commented:
Yeah, the fsck from the liveCD distro failed as you suspected.

However, i havent tried the other options u mentioned.

btw, Is badblocks a parameter for fsck or a command by itself?

I will try out the other option ( mounting as /ext2) and get back to you.

krtknAuthor Commented:
i just found the answer to my "badblocks" query.....ignore that question...
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krtknAuthor Commented:
Well.....the badblocks command showed up numerous bad blocks and looks like the segment of the drive housing the linux root filesystem had gone bad.

Is there yet a way for me to access data on the filesystem ? I tried linking badblocks with the e2fsck and running e2fsck( to repair bad blocks...-P option if i remember right) with the options related to bad blocks.

All of them failed.

I suspect that i have lost the filesystem and its contents for good. Is there any chance of recovery from this setup?

krtknAuthor Commented:
Yeah, will try out those. But i understand that it may or may not work. Anyways. I will close this query. Thanks for your help. Since most (actually all! ) of the steps you have suggested are logical and correct for this scenario, i will accept your answer. Thanks!
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