IE not passing value of <button> tag properly? (pointer)

I'm converting some forms on my site to use the <button> tags instead of <input type="submit"> fields (for skin based CSS styling).  In Firefox and Opera they work just fine, but I found an annoying bug in IE and was wondering if anyone has found a way to get the to work properly.

I make a button tag like:
<button type="submit" name="theButton" value="buttonValue">Button Text</button>

When I click that button and the form submits, the browser is supposed to pass in a parameter named "theButton" with a value of "buttonValue".  With this logic, I can put two different buttons in the same form and let my JSP do different actions based on which button was pressed.  Opera and Firefox do this just fine.  

The problem comes in with Internet Explorer.  Instead of passing in the name/value pair of the button that was pressed, it passes in the "content" of the button tag for each button in the form, regardless of which one was pressed.  In my example above, the parameter named "theButton" would have a value of "Button Text".  If I had a second button called "theOtherButton", it's name/content pair would also be passed in, even if it was not pressed.  This bug makes it so my JSP code can't just check for which button was pressed since all the buttons are being passed in.

There are a couple work arounds that I have thought of:
JavaScript function to set the value of a hidden parameter before submitting the form.
Seperate the forms for each button (real ugly on certain forms, not possible on others).

Any others or perhaps a fix?
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You can do you CSS styling with <input buttons if you add a bit of javascript.

or you could set the  disable  attribute of the other button to  'disabled'  when the one of the buttons is clicked. that ought to work, even in IE
malklaviousAuthor Commented:
So far using JavaScript to set a hidden parameter gives me the most control.  It's just rather annoying that IE is passing the parameter so blantantly wrong.  If there is a non JavaScript way around this issue or maybe some way to code the form in HTML I would prefer that.

Anyone else out there have some input on this?  
I can't think of any solution other than that suggested by Jakoba...  switch back to <input class="" for the CSS, or add some javascript :-(

malklaviousAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips everyone, but it doesn't really answer the specific question.  There doesn't seem to be a way to use the <button> tag and have IE behave properly :-(

Going to request this question be closed.

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