Unknown error 325

I've been using LDAP maps and LDAP routing with sendmail for quite some time now. The version of sendmail I'm using is the RPM release for Fedora Core 3, sendmail-8.13.1-2.

The LDAP-specific portions of my sendmail.mc file are:
FEATURE(`access_db', LDAP)dnl

When trying to recompile (need to start using -D_FFR_DEAL_WITH_ERROR_SSL) myself, I find either the original source release 8.13.1, or the current release 8.13.5 do not work properly. When running sendmail -d0.1 -bv root, I get:
/etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 154: ldap_init/ldap_bind failed to localhost in map R: Unknown error 325
/etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 154: fileclass: F{R}: map open failed
/etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 155: ldap_init/ldap_bind failed to localhost in map LDAPRoute: Unknown error 325
/etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 155: fileclass: F{LDAPRoute}: map open failed

The sendmail file built from the source package and from the RPM report the same Compiled with: data, and even leaving -D_FFR_DEAL_WITH_ERROR_SSL out and trying to build with the site.config.m4 the same way as the SRPM says it should be still results in the above errors.

The only thing I can see different is the ldd data; The source compiled version I'm trying to get working has a ldd to libresolv.so.2 => /lib/libresolv.so.2 (0x00258000), while the RPM version of the sendmail binary has no link to this library. I've set up the site.config.m4 file just as the recipie in the SPECS/sendmail.spec file says it should be, but the binrary I bake up doesn't come out the same.

I could care less if it's linked against libresolv.so.2, but I need the LDAP stuff to work properly.

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Could you post confLDAP_DEFAULT_SPEC you have defined in *.mc file you use to generate sendmail.cf?

The only explanation of causes of "openldap in sendmail causing error 325" is related to wrong syntax of confLDAP_DEFAULT_SPEC

blentzAuthor Commented:
Sure, it's:

define(`confLDAP_DEFAULT_SPEC', `-h "localhost" -b "dc=." -M simple -d "cn=ldap,ou=users,dc=." -P /etc/mail/ldap-secret')dnl

I'm afraid this doesn't explain why it works fine with the RPM version, and not the source (right?).
Have you tested version without inside double quotes?
define(`confLDAP_DEFAULT_SPEC', ` -h localhost -b dc=. -M simple -d cn=ldap,ou=users,dc=. -P /etc/mail/ldap-secret')dnl

You can download source RPM to see patches applied to sendmail.org traball by FC maintaners.
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blentzAuthor Commented:
Okay, I've removed the double quotes, and still get the same thing.

I did download the Fedora Core SRPM for sendmail, and I've looked at the SPEC file and the patches, but I don't see anything there that pertains to LDAP... but perhaps I'm overlooking something.
blentzAuthor Commented:
Yes, turn123, please refund my points. I was able to solve my problem on my own.

For any others who are getting "Unknown Error 325" when using sendmail with LDAP maps and/or LDAP routing, try upgrading to a newer version of OpenLDAP.

For my specific problem, I was running OpenLDAP 2.2.13 (Fedora Core 3) with Sendmail 8.13.1. When I tried to recompile either sendmail 8.13.1 or sendmail 8.13.5 from source, I started getting "Unknown Error 325".

After hacking together a set of RPMs for OpenLDAP 2.2.17, I was able to compile/upgrade to Sendmail 8.13.5 without getting this error.
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