Connecting to Linksys RV042 VPN Router without using the Linksys VPN Client

I would like to be able to connect to my home office remotely from my laptop as well as provide access to a few colleagues.

I'm able to connect to my Linksys RV042 VPN Router using the Linksys VPN Client remotely.  Originally, I had visions of just using Windows XP's inherent ability to create a new network connection and tunneling in that way.

Some of my colleagues already have VPN software installed on their machine and apparently Linksys' product requires that no other VPN software is installed.  How difficult would it be to manually configure a VPN connection?  I have a basic understanding of routers, networking and the like, but I'm not very experienced so please take it easy on me.

A couple of notes:
  - Remote users all are running Windows XP
  - Assume that the remote users have no control over their IP and that they're operating outside of a firewall (i.e., just connecting to their ISP)
  - The VPN router has a fixed IP address



P.S.  This is the first question I've ever submitted, so please let me know if the point assignment is off.  I don't believe the question is that difficult, but very time consuming to answer.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
I have tried on several occasions to set up a VPN connection to an RV042 using the built in Windows XP software/client, but I have never had any luck. I have researched it and always come up with the answer, to use the Linksys Quick VPN client, which as you have found, is very easy to set up.
I did some further digging now and came up with 2 things;
1) On a message board one fellow received a response from Linksys when he could not get it to work; "your VPN appears setup correctly and we don't support the windows configuration"
2) This link which is quite detailed. I haven't tried working with it as of yet but it may be of some help to you. It is not for the same model router but the concept is similar:

The other client that is supposed to work, but again I haven't had much luck with is the Greenbow, though I think you would be more likely to succeed:

However, as you mentioned, generally speaking you cannot run to IPSec clients on the same machine. The Greenbow would cause the same problems. You can disable the Quick VPN, so if your users had the same option with their client you could conceivably enable just the appropriate client, though I have never tested this.

I am afraid I am not much help, but thought this would give you a few "points to ponder". Perhaps some others will have some more constructive advice.

As for your point allocation, that is fine. There is more information regarding assessing the point value of questions at the following link if interested:
Also a link to grading questions and splitting points when you wish to close the question:


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>Some of my colleagues already have VPN software installed on their machine and apparently Linksys' product requires that no other VPN software is installed.
I don't that that is true. I have both the Linksys and Cisco VPN clients setup on my XP/SP2 laptop. They both work just fine, just not at the same time, obviously...
Rob WilliamsCommented:
I have seen several articles suggesting you cannot have more than one VPN client using IPSec, especially referencing the Linksys Quick VPN client. I included one below. But I am unsure as to why. I too have had multiple clients successfully running on my machines but I have had problems with some combinations of the Greenbow, Linksys and WatchGuard (SafeNet client), even when de-activated. You are far more familiar with VPN's than I, and I thought you might "shed some light" on when and why this occurs. I find the issue occurs more when the client creates a "virtual adapter", but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Perhaps kesteloot may only expect problems with certain combinations of clients.

* "- DO NOT have any other vpn application LOADED on your machine other than quickvpn; even if you have another vpn application loaded and its process is shut off in the back ground, quickvpn still "will--not--run" if it's loaded. If you happen to be able to do this, you're quite fortunate, otherwise, load quickvpn only to avoid conflict."
kestelootAuthor Commented:
The manual configuration of the tunnel was too daunting of a task for me.  I was able to successfully put the Linksys client on the machine with another VPN client (Cisco's).  Perhaps they play nice together as their both the same company now.  Thanks for both of your quick responses; I apologize for taking so long to wrap up this question -- it took a while to get access to the appropriate machines.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks kesteloot , glad you have a working solution.
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