Vsmon has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL


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My brother gets this error mesage on his ME 2000 OP. When he clicks Close it doesn't close down the error message, but he can continue with IE etc. etc.

The Error message is put to one side but is always visible.

Can any help??

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RobKearneyAuthor Commented:
Sorry, the header held the error message,

It was

"vsmon has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL"

Do I need to put KERNEL32.DLL into Windows32 directory
It looks as if you have a virus or parasite.  This forum may help:

You could try these two, on line, free recommended virus scanners:

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Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft SQL Server, a relational database management system that stores and retrieves data when requested by other software applications.

Reference "Vsmon has caused an error in Kernel32.DLL" error:
Then try checking for Adware and Spyware, downloading as appropriate using these free links below.  
You must check for "New updates"and download them before scanning with either of these:
        Ad-Aware SE Personal v1.06
Download from here >     http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_description/0,fid,7423,00.asp

       Spybot Search and Destroy V1.4 :       [ please be careful with Spybot, it's a powerful tool!]
Then "check for problems".   When 'scan' is completed, allow Spybot to remove everything listed in RED.
Should you notice at any later point that you have removed more spyware than you wanted, you can always restore it from the "Recovery" section.
Download from here >     http://www.safer-networking.org/index.php?page=download

If that fails to resolve the problem, you could try HighjackThis, details available if you require them.  
If you post back with results, we can advise further.
It's quite conceivable that you do not have a virus.  If you find nothing suspicious, suggest you inspect the following list which states:
Quote:  Several conditions can cause a  Kernel32.DLL error, and the fastest troubleshooting route is said to be this six stage checklist, shown here in brief.    (credit to Richard G Harper).  Unquote:

     Bad memory modules (RAM)
     Bad video drivers
     CPU, bus speed or multiplier over clocking
     Faulty or dirty cooling fans on your CPU or power supply
     Graphic Acceleration is set too high
     Animated mouse cursors, mouse trails, and active Desktop

I'll attempt to obtain the appropriate website.
Here we are >> "Troubleshooting KERNEL32.DLL Errors".


Also found this previous EE thread:


Good luck.
RobKearneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all who replied

Will read all posts, and see if any fix issue with my Brother.

Thanks again for posts. much appreciated!!
Glad to help.  Actually just took another look at your problem and in an attempt to speed up your troubleshooting period, suggest you tackle the 'quicker' checks first.  
If you use the on line virus scanners as suggested, then adjust 'Graphic Acceleration' as described followed maybe by the cooling fans (fan blades clear?)inspections, checking after each test, then if you require a RAM tester url, just let us know.

Are you running Zone Alarm?

That file is part of that firewall.

You may need a total uninstall and reinstall.

Blue_Zee ( note capitals B and Z )
                                                          is   100 %  right.
VSMON.  related error messages are always  caused by inproper,failed or incompete ZoneAlarm uninstall

The easy cure is to open Windows Registry editor and to REMOVE all references to vsmon.*  file ( usually composite *.VxD  file)

              good luck
Start WinME as usual
Click Start --> select Run --> type: regedit --> click OK
Once Windows Registry editor is opened
Click Edit --> click Find --- type: vsmon ---> click Find next
 and then delete all ocurences/references to vsmom
Close Windows registy editor
Restart your PC
and enjoy your vsmon error free system


RobKearneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys,

Cannot try out at the moment since it's my brothers PC. Will try the registry method first, once I get hold of my brothers PC. He lives 500miles away!!

Can get on remotely, but for some reason it keeps logging me off.

Thanks to all for your guidance,

If you can bear with me, need to convince my brother. His attitude is "Leave it alone, I don't understand!!"


It may be worth trying simply updating Zone Alarm:


RobKearneyAuthor Commented:
Good link, thanks for that Zee

Will scan first before installing.

When my brother tried to install Zone Alarm last time, he said an error message appeared and he decided not to install.

Could this be because he didn't do a scan for spyware etc. first before installing ??

I don't think so. Probably the install of ZA was corrupted in some way.

It shoud be better to uninstall the current version of ZA and then install the latest.

It is true that ZA and WinME were never the best combination, but I have no problems with this last release. It may be worth trying because a firewall is a MUST.

Disabling VSMON may be a risk as it monitors internet traffic.


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Cleaning Windows Registry manually is the only way , since you cannot uninstall ZoneAlarm.
Also it would be better to install older version Zone Alarm ( 2.6 or 3.0) which are more suitable for Windows Millennium.
You can find it here: http://www.oldversion.com/program.php?n=zalarm

After further investigation i do agree with blue_zee and nedvis, your brother's problem does appear to be related to ZA!
For what it's worth, i've been running ZoneAlarm version 3.7 with WinMe ever since the former was available, with no intention of upgrading(at least for the present).  The PC has been pretty stable, with *no* signs of any ZA problem.  
Hope that helps.
RobKearneyAuthor Commented:

thanks so much for that post, that builds my confidence with this particular combination. i'll be reinstalling ZA 3.7 on his machine.

I will also be increasing the points because I have been so overwhelmed with your responses.

Just so I can reward you all, but do get the impression the only reason why you help is because you are helpful people in general.

If only the general public could emulate you all in other areas.



>>you are helpful people in general.<<

Thank you, that makes me feel good!!
(I'm sure all agree)

Thanks Rob, that's good to hear!
On the subject of points however, i feel that the emphasis should be on blue_zee and nedvis who afterall were the first to suggest that ZoneAlarm could be the problem!
Thanks incidently for the feedback, which makes it a little easier for us.
RobKearneyAuthor Commented:

first my sincere apologies for letting this post get to this point.

I haven't been able to visit my brother and thus test out the replies above.

I will be through soon to test out, and thank to every single one of you for your help.
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