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if I type net time <return> it displays where the current computer is getting it's time?

If so , all our domain computers are pointing to a regular DC for time and I want to change it so that all domain computers point to the PDC instead. How do I do that?

Thanks everyone,

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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
NET TIME /DOMAIN:domainname /SET


NET TIME \\computername /SET

for more information, please see the help of NET TIME:

C:\>net time /?
The syntax of this command is:

[\\computername | /DOMAIN[:domainname] | /RTSDOMAIN[:domainname]] [/SET]
         [\\computername] /QUERYSNTP
         [\\computername] /SETSNTP[:ntp server list]

BTW, you may delete the following duplicated question by yourself before other experts post comments there.

hope it helps,
Input2006Author Commented:
Thank You bbao,

Problem I'm having is when running "net time" command i get this results below... Well in my network, Headquarter \\DCROOT  DC holds the PDC Emulator Role, which is the authoritive time server but when running net time command from client machine it points \\DC1NY which is located in New York (DC) instead of \\DCROOT. Is this normal? because i thought it should be pointing to \\DCROOT. I was told by somebody that "when the time source is chosen automatically, a different source might be chosen each time.”  is this true or how could I make it so it points to \\DCROOT (PDC Emulator)

Thank You bbao

U:\>net time
Current time at \\DC1NY is 12/29/2005 1:23 PM

Local time (GMT-05:00) at \\DC1NY is 12/29/2005 4:23 PM

The command completed successfully.

bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
it is normal. anyway, if you have to use DCROOT as the time server, just use "NET TIME \\DCROOT /YES" instead.
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Input2006Author Commented:
Thank You for your expert advise :) but question is if i'm at a "site"  client PC should be getting it's time from local time server within a site? not from different site, this is the problem i'm having :( because when i'm running "net time" it goes to a time server in a different site instead of local site.

Once again Thank You for your advise
Then use the name of the Local server that you want or put it in a batch file or login script , so that it works automatically.

I prefer to use an automatic Time program from NIST that get the Time from the Time Servers on the INternet, rather than relying on loca servers.


It can be set to work automatically in the backgroung.

I hope this helps !

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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
do you have DHCP deployed throughout your site? i think it should be great if you answer yes.

you may automatically specify your time server (NTP or SNTP based) to all your DHCP clients by assigning its IP address to DHCP options 4 (RFC 868 time server) or 42 (RFC 1305 NTP servers). the client computers then wont access a wrong time server.

using external (3rd-party) time server is recommended if possible, as what SysExpert mentioned above.


DHCP Options

A List of the Simple Network Time Protocol Time Servers That Are Available on the Internet

please particularly notice the following articles mentioned in article Q262680 and its related links.

Q224799 Basic Operation of the Windows Time Service
Q816042 How to configure the Windows Time service on a Windows Server 2003-based forest root PDC master computer
Q216734 How to Configure an Authoritative Time Server in Windows 2000
Q314054 How to configure an authoritative time server in Windows XP

hope it helps,
Input2006Author Commented:
SysExpert, Thank You for your advise, Yes PDC Emulator in my domain does get External time from National Institute of Standards and Technology


I think DHCP Scope option is way to go :) Once again Thank you for your expert advise through out the day. I really appreciate it :)
Input2006Author Commented:
OH man :( I'm sorry bbao, I meant to ACCEPT your answer but instead ACCEPTED SysExpert even though his answer was not the answer i was looking for.

is there way I could ACCEPT your answer? :( Sorry bbao, I love the answer you gave me :)
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
hehe, dont worry about this, you may ask EE moderators for assistance. just post your request at Customer Support TA.
Input2006Author Commented:
Thank You once again :) bbao and i will post my request at CS TA
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