Printing Received Faxes from Hylafax

Hello experts:

I have successfully setup Red Hat Linux as a Hylafax server [yipee!].  Now, what I'd like to do is print every incoming fax to a printer queue that I've configured.  I've configured the printer type as a Samba Share that resides on a seperate Windows machine and named the queue FaxPrinter.  I'd like every fax that is received to print to the FaxPrinter queue.

Any suggestions where to start?
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in your /var/spool/hylafax/bin/faxrcvd (or wherever faxrcvd is located), add to the end:

  /usr/bin/tiff2ps -a -h 11.1082 -w 7.8543 $FILE || /usr/bin/lpr

for default printer or

  /usr/bin/tiff2ps -a -h 11.1082 -w 7.8543 $FILE || /usr/bin/lpr -P <yourprintername>
escheiderAuthor Commented:
I noticed you specified height and width to be roughly 8x11; however, we will be receiving many 8 1/2 x 14 faxes .. how will this specified size settings affect that aspect?
change to

/usr/bin/tiff2ps -a -h 14 -w 8.5 $FILE || /usr/bin/lpr -P <yourprintername>
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the scaling might stretch the image a bit.. but shouldn't matter..
escheiderAuthor Commented:
slyong .. I do appreciate the input; however, is it possible to maintain the orignal size of the incoming fax?  If the sender sends an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper or an 8 1/2 x 14 sheet of paper, can that be determined before it is sent to the printer so it retains its original size?
hi escheider,

You can don't put any parameter,

/usr/bin/tiff2ps -a $FILE || /usr/bin/lpr -P <yourprintername>

then you will have the original size.  But that might cause the printer to print a page onto more then 1 page.

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escheiderAuthor Commented:
Thanks slyong!

I do appreciate the input.  

On another note, you wouldn't happen to be savvy enough with hylafax to explain the use of emailing incoming faxes to a third-party email address .. would you?  I'll gladly create another question with lots of points if you are.
Hi escheider,

Glad to be of help.  If you want to just forward all faxes to 1 email address is simple, in /var/spool/hylafax/bin/faxrcvd add in,

mutt -a $FILE < /dev/null

However, if you want to do something like recognizing the receiver and email to appropriate person, it is a bit of a headache.  I tried doing it before without much success.  I could tell you what are the steps.  Again it is still in the faxrcvd file,

1) write a shell script to OCR the $FILE using
2) the shell script will scan thru the OCRed file and check for a database of names and email
3) the shell script will return an email address, or a default if no database match is found
4) use mutt as above to send out the email
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