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Hi.  My niece has a compaq EVA, motherboard 0804H, running XP Pro, P4 2.4GHZ. My issue is that the monitor is connected to an on board video connection. Works sluggish and when I install XP Service Pack 2, I get a 4 bit video, blurry as hell. In device manager, the video adapter is not showing up, and when I go to properies/advanced settings in display, under the adapter tab, it shows nothing. How come I get a display, well if you can call it a display without a video adapter? ****Just a note, and this really boggles my mind, the AGP port on the morther board is installed the wrong way. The split connector is towards the back. I found this out when I tried to install my old AGP video card. Thank you.
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My guess is that you have NOT installed the video card driver for the on-board video adapter.  If Windows does not find the driver for the video, it falls back to "Standard VGA" mode, which is a least-common-denominator amongst video.  It's UGLY as you've noted...

I'd point you to the right driver (if available) except that "Compaq EVA" is too broad a term.  Need the Compaq MODEL NUMBER.  Look it up yourself at:

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The model number is found on the back or bottom of your HP product, and will be in a format such as C2010A, 33440A or D7399A. If you can take a moment to find the model number on your product, this will be the most accurate way to locate the information you need.then go to here to download the drivers you need.

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