Configure BVI on CISCO 3750G

Ok, this is my situation;
I have a CISCO 2948gl3 Layer 3 switch which I'm currently using to divede my network into VLAN's. This switch is most a router than a switch and because of that it doesn't support VTP protocol. ALso, it doesn't have a VLSN database itself, and the way to configure the VLAN's is through BVI's.
I recently bought a CISCO 3750G Layer 3 gigabite switch. This switch does have the VTP capability but it doesn't recognize the BVI command. In order to create VLAN's there is a VLAN database and with the same VLAN command I created all existing VLANS into it. I'm going to move all gigabit computers to this switch and they are in different VLANs accross the network, and because of that I need to have all VLANs (or BVI)  on both switches to be able to comunicate between them.
How do I make the 3750 compatible with my current BVI configuration?
Is there something that must be enabled on the switch in order to be able to receive the current configuration?
OR if anybody has any suggestion at all It'll be greatly appreciatted.
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If I understand you correctly, you are simply adding the 3950G into your existing network, and you are going to continue to use the 2948G-L3 to perform inter-vlan routing.  If this is the case, then the first thing I would suggest is:  don't do that!   Move the inter-vlan routing over to the 3750G.  The 2948G-L3 is, I think, end-of-life and is going to need to be phased out at some point.  Also, the 3750G supports more advanced spanning tree protocols and configurations, such as rapid pvst+.  It would probably be prudent to move the routing to the 3750 and relegate the 2948G-L3 to edge-switch status.

Regardless of which approach you use, you first need to configure the actual vlans on the 3750G.  This can be done using the "vlan database" mode, but the recommended method is to use regular configuration mode to do this.  Presumably, the "vlan database" mode is deprecated.  One thing that bothers me is that a separate Vlan database is still employed, rather than just integrating vlan configuration into the normal configuration.  Consequently, after you issue the commands below, the vlan will be created, but the commands that you used to create it will not show up in the configuration.

Switch(config)#vlan 11                               ! required.  switch will assign vlan name
Switch(config-vlan)#name my-vlan-name     ! recommended.

If you continue to use the 2948G-L3 for inter-vlan routing, that is about all there is to it.. Simply trunk the Vlans between the switches and you are done.  

If, however, you decide to use the 3750G for routing, you need to create what are called switched virtual interfaces, or SVI's.  SVI's are used similarly to BVI's to perform inter-vlan routing.  The interface name ties the interface to the actual Vlan.  These are configured similarly to the BVI interface, like this example for vlan 11:

interface Vlan11
 ip address x.x.x.x

Simply move the addresses on the 2948G-L3 BVI interfaces over to Vlan interfaces on the 3750. If you have a BVI11, create a Vlan11. The BVI interfaces on the 2948G-L3 should then be deleted (or shutdown permanently).


Now, having said that, you need to consider this.  

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