CD/DVD Control Buttons not working on toshiba satellite laptop....

I have a toshiba satellite (Model No. #1405-S151) and it has CD/DVD Controls on it (Play/Pause, Stop, Etc.) but i cant seem to find the drivers for the controls.  Im running XP Pro.  I called toshiba to no avail, and thought maybe the experts could help me out.  If someone can help me find the drivers for these keys i would really appreciate it.  Thank-You.  Pat.
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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
When you say it has controls on it, what are you reffering to when you say "it" ?

Do you mean the laptop itself has play / pause / stop , etc keys on it like on logitech keyboards where you get the home key , + and - keys for volume etc or you mean the actual cd / dvd combo drive has controls on or near it to control the drive for playing cd's etc ?
Make sure that the HID Input Service is running on the machine:
Right-click My Computer and click Manage. In this window, double-click Services and Applications and single-click Services beneath it. Find HID Input Service on the right side of the window and make sure its Startup Type is Automatic and that its status is Started. If not, double-click on it, choose Automatic for the Startup type, click the Start button (inside the same window, underneath Startup type), and click OK. Close Computer Management, restart the computer, and see if the controls work then.
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techno_guyAuthor Commented:
When I say "On It" Im referring to the front of the laptop.  Right next to the latch to raise the screen.  I have already downloaded the Hotkey utility referred to in the last post.  Thats only for hibernation and stand-by commands.   If you google the laptop model # you will be able to see the "Media Keys" If you will, on the front of the laptop.
techno_guyAuthor Commented:
I also downloaded the "Toshiba Controls" mentioned above, that looked like it might have been it but it only allowed me to set the browser and stand-by buttons.  Please Help.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
When you got this laptop , did it come with any discs or cd's, maybe there is something on that disc with regards to software or the like that will help you.

Also maybe read the manual and see if it tells you anything in there with regards to those buttons and getting them to work.

I will have a better look into this tommorow just it is late here and I will be off to bed shortly.
techno_guyAuthor Commented:
Anybody? I have tried all the things listed, but to no avail.

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