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The Page Editor for this topic area has asked me to intervene in what has been an ongoing set of personal battles. My view is that they represent a distinct lack of professionalism and respect for the Askers of questions at Experts Exchange, and I'd like to use this question as a venue for resolving those differences prior to the start of a new year.

I'm not terribly concerned about either the genesis of these disagreements or specific threads in which one or several of you have inflicted some egregious harm to someone else. I AM terribly concerned that this reflects poorly on the Java topic areas (not to mention on each and all of you), and on Experts Exchange in general.

So, rather than have this battle continue in threads, I propose that we use this question to resolve those differences, or at least, to come to some kind of working understanding about these problems. The alternative is distasteful to me, but having talked with both the PE for these TAs and the other Administrators of the site, we have come to the conclusion that unless you can resolve these issues, we will be forced to take whatever action is necessary to see that they are resolved.

To use an old US colloquialism, I don't have a dog in this fight. Personally, I have no issues with any of you, and I respect your skills and accomplishments. Having said that, we, as the people responsible to the owners for the operation of this site, feel it imperative that you treat this issue with the intelligence and maturity we feel you possess.

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Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
So what exactly would you like me to try :)
Personally i have never had any acrimony with zzynx, and although perhaps i shouldn't speak for him, i'd be surprised if he differed from me in that opinion. I'll let people draw their own conclusions from that
Netminder, now that you have thrown this issue in public,

you'll have noticed that those 3 are the top-3 of our JAVA section.
They have come that far by their skils and mostable by their 'fighting spirit' as sometimes
it is a hard fight to place the first suitable comment.

Further, I believe that most of us experts contribute to this forum in some spare time,
even during work; some people however spend hours a day to serve each and every 'customer'
however ignorant, however hard-headed refusing insight, however difficult a question may be.
Under the implied pressure, the best of us sooner or later start to defend their 'position' as an expert.

My conclusion, having seen some clashes over the years, is that the very nature of this forum
and its awarding system has had some bad influence on the way discussions were done.

I would like to suggest that we start 2006 with best intentions and a clean 'police record'.
A happy and genius new year to all of you,

J.F.Lanting, sciuri-ware.
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I agree on what sciuriware has said, it is very nature for this forum to have a clash. Consider that in this Java forum, you can get many responses within 1 minutes...competition is extremely tough here. I do not think that it is a good idea for us, other experts, to give our opinion on objects, CEHJ and zzynx which could cause another clashes with other experts. There is one common thing that we can say about them anyway - they are really expert in Java! That is the fact.  

Besides answering questions, I also asked many Java questions and I do not see any unprofessional responses from these three experts in answering my questions. Some of them even show their professionalism by giving me information although the question has been closed and the point has been rewarded to other experts.

Thus, in conclusion, I am very satisfied with the Java forum at present and I do not wish to see any specific changes to this forum that may affect a single expert. Let's just leave 2005 and have a nice and peace 2006 :).

Happy New Year to all of you.

>it is very nature for this forum to have a clash    
Perhaps David is right.  
Considering the frustration from some of the following.

the homework question
the clueless author
the incomplete question ( the author forgot to post all the details)
the undecipherable question
the undistilled posted code  (contains  HTML , CSS , javascript and etc that aren't pertinent)
the bait and switch (starts with a simple question and changes to involve every technology in the Java world)
the silent close ( no response, no dialog ,no thank you)
the abandoned question
the unfairly awarded points  
the author with a lot of open questions  (waiting for the forced close)

The "clash" of the passionate experts is refreshing.   I will keep listening to their comments to learn more java.           rrz

I must confess that their struggles are sometimes evoking a smile.
Especially when I compare to those (from distant cultures?) who
start to command as if they were King and Emperor.

But in the end: Mr. EE is right, it must not escalate.

Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
> But in the end: Mr. EE is right, it must not escalate.

I also agree

Wow! I don't understand. How did it come to that ?
Good you took that off.
Are we all here happy? :) CEHJ and objects showed great progress in not abusing each other last year and I will be very happy to see it continuing :) Need to correct myself - I am sure it will. I hope I will see the same between objects and zzynx. The three guys are great experts and I believe we can work this out. I see some steps in this direction... :)

Let's have one peacefull 2006 year. Working together. Everyone agrees?

rrz@871311 ,

As for the frustration list I see above - I am trying to act on any of these cases... but I cannot check every single comment. So please feel free to contact me any time you need me :) I should be around.

Thanks for showing up.

thank you, Venabili
zzynxSr. Software engineerCommented:
>> I AM terribly concerned that this reflects poorly on the Java topic areas
As the comments so far indicate: no need to be concerned.
>> (not to mention on each and all of you),
That's our own problem. I take that for granted.
>> and on Experts Exchange in general.
With sciuriware's words: That's the very nature of this forum.
EE chosed to work with that points system. Not we.

>> Personally i have never had any acrimony with zzynx, and although perhaps i shouldn't speak for him,
>> i'd be surprised if he differed from me in that opinion.
I agree, CEHJ. :°)
>> I'll let people draw their own conclusions from that
No further comment needed ;°)

>> we figure that it takes at least two people to tango
It only takes one not even to be able to waltz.

Thanks for the appreciating words of some of you.

We'll see what 2006 brings.
If it appears that my only way to express my disagreement about
- too much not getting the points I feel I deserve
- too much being blamed for the behaviour of someone else
is stopping to waltz @ EE, well, I'll simply do it.
Nobody will miss me since there are enough experts to take over ;°)
>>Nobody will miss me

Huh. When exactly I became nobody? :)

So - will we try to work all together? :)

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zzynxSr. Software engineerCommented:
Oooh, yes I forgot. You are that one that will miss me.
Well sorry, but the majority decides. ;°)

>> So - will we try to work all together?
But for some specific person the needle of my "frustration per patience"-meter is currently in the red zone.
So it's difficult to guarantee anything...
>>>> With sciuriware's words: That's the very nature of this forum.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I smell points!

OK :-)
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