Why is Yahoo Messenger contacting a server every 30 sec?

I have a user running Yahoo Messenger, which is OK.  But, Yahoo Messenger is contacting a Yahoo server every 30 seconds.  What is it doing?  Is it necessary to the operation of the program, or is there a setting that is causing this?  I ran an internet usage report from SurfControl on management request, and they asked what was going on.
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The idea of a Messenger is that someone can contact you next to you contacting others. And as most IM systems including YM are client-server, the way in which User A knows that user B is wanting a chat is by polling the server. Remember: almost all Internet-architected apps are PULL based and hence depend on polling. No PUSH is present at least not as far as I know YM.

So what the Messenger simply is doing is checking at the server for incoming chats, hence the high frequency. Probably the frequency can be tailored, don't have it installed on the office PC here (only on the two home PC's) so cannot check that right now.


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ronlowAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment.  I see what you mean.  The pull strategy simplifies things too, such as getting through firewalls.  This strategy would imply that initial contact with another individual could take just short of 30 seconds, since the "conversation" would not start until the target person's computer polled Yahoo.  Once the conversation is begun, some other mechanism must start, otherwise replies would be pretty slow.  I don't use IM, so I am pretty dumb about it.

I guess I was concerned that the IM program was polling twice a minute just to keep the "buddy list" status up to date, which would be a waste.  I once had an email user that had set Outlook to poll once a minute because he was paranoid about getting his email as fast as possible.

Thanks again.

im guilty of the once a minute outlook
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