Problems uploading behind a router

OK, have a computer sitting behind a DLINK DI-808 with the most current firmware.  Reset the DSL modem and router, no change.  Problem is that I can't upload stuff to pages like or anything.  

Did a speedtest and my upload is fine - around 700.  Now, if I hook directly into my DSL modem, I can upload with no problems.  I CAN upload tiny stuff from behind the DLink, but it seems like anything large (Even 100k) just times out eventually.

Any thoughts?
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Not really sure without further information, but I can tell you a couple things:

1. You will never see upload speeds of 700 through your ISP, in fact most ISP will
restrict to around 15-20KB (I'm pretty sure). They do this to avoid people running
personal Web Servers, File Sharing Servers, or worse, running their own ISP passing
out their bandwidth to others.

2. You may want to check the size restrictions of the websites you are trying to upload to.
If this is a Photo sharing website, they will often restrict the upload image size, to avoid
people storing High Res images and chewing up bandwidth.

3. One way to test is to use an FTP program, and see if you can upload files better
that way? Not sure about you, but my ISP gave me storage space, and there is no
restriction on the files size. You may have storage space at your ISP, in which case
find out your username & password, Login FTP and see if you can upload that way!

If upload tests worked fine, and you can upload smaller files, then you do not have
a problem with uploading, but a restriction on the other end (most likely). Either that
or you may be having intermittent loss of connection, which you may not notice when
browsing the web, or in the case of uploading a small quick file.
diperspAuthor Commented:
Actually, I should say this is a business line and there's no upload restriction, other than what we paid for.

As for file size restrictions, again, not a problem if I go outside of the router.  We're only talking 100k files here.

Will try the FTP - I do small stuff with FTP, but nothing around 100k.  Will check that out.

ANY site I try uploading files to gives me the same problems, but outside of the router, no problems.  Very odd.
The upload restriction was regarding the site your are uploading TO, not the line
you are using to upload from.

But with that said, you pointed out that uploading from outside the Router is fine
so the restrictions option is a non issue.

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diperspAuthor Commented:
Request to PAQ with refund.

Only solution was to reset the router to factory defaults and rebuild.  Then everything worked.  No firmware updates were available or anything, just a rebuild.
Changed recommendation: PAQ - points refunded

In the future - please respond to the experts in time
diperspAuthor Commented:
Sorry, didn't see anything to respond to.  Unfort., this was JUST recently corrected.  Forgot this was open and wanted to at least update it after I saw it was still open to help others in the future.
PAQed with points (250) refunded

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