ftp transfer

I know this is very basic! Could someone please explain file transfer protocal. How I can use it, and how I can implement.
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Are you wanting to write your own FTP server, FTP client, or just use an exsting FTP program to transfer a file?
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
With regards to downloading go here :


Click on search vbnet

Then type in ftp

It will come up with a few different examples on ftp

With regards to an Ftp client go to www.pscode.com and type in ftp and select visual basic 6 from the drop down menu and it will bring up a whole variety of examples on ftp.


with regards to writing your own ftp server, I have no clue about that.
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol designed specifically for file transfer. It consists of a set of commands which enable a machine to remotely control a file system, and is most commonly used for maintaining a website.

To use FTP, you must firstly have an FTP client. I can strongly recommend SmartFTP, as it has all the functionality you'll ever need, but is incredibly easy (and also fast):

[Another popular FTP client is CuteFTP].

If you wanted to implement an FTP client into your own software, then there are two approaches you can take:

  • Program your own;
  • Use an existing library.

Dependant on the language and technology you're using, you may find that FTP is in fact bulit-in to the language. But if not, then there's many open-source API's around, that you can use within your application to deploy FTP. And it is this approach that I personally recommend.

If however, you wished to program your own (which is fine—I've reinvented the wheel a dozen times before, myself), then it's not too difficult—so long as you're comfortable with network programming, and file I/O (and you're patient enough to learn the FTP protocol).

The official specification for the protocol is:

The protocol takes quite a procedural approach—the server accepts a command from the client, processes it, and then writes a response back to the client.

The client shouldn't send any new requests until the server has responded to the previous one.

(It is in the event of the server not sending a response within a certain amount of time that will cause the client to throw a "server timed out" exception).

I must say however: if you haven't worked much with network programming before, then you should postpone this project a little (or use a 3rd party solution).

Good luck with it.

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