MFC ISAPI Extension Project is missing from my available templates in VS.NET 2005

I recently upgraded to Visual Studio .NET 2005 and I need to work on a new ISAPI extension but the template is missing.  I know I can just create a DLL and insert the two export functions but I like using the template.  Any idea on how I can get that back or what the equivalent is now?

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read the following post:
ISAPI Filter/Extension Overview:

ISAPI stands for Internet Server Application Programming Interface. ISAPI programming is divided into Filters and Extensions. Both are DLLs with specific exported functions. ISAPI filters are loaded with the IIS and stay in memory until HTTP Web service shuts down. ISAPI Extensions are loaded on demand and provide extended functionality to web applications. ISAPI filters are useful for examining/filtering incoming and outgoing HTTP requests under IIS (for example, implementing custom authentication, encryption, compression, logging, etc). ISAPI extensions are useful for developing dynamic web pages and work per URL reference.

There is no class for ISAPI filter under ATL7. ATL Server provides support for ISAPI extensions in form of DLL cache, file cache, page cache, memory cache, data source cache, thread pool, remote management with web based or web service based interfaces, predefined performance counters, session support, etc. As you can see that's quite a lot of functionality/services. In addition it's easy to add your own services to the existing ones.

    * What Is the Difference Between an ISAPI Server Extension and a Filter(MSDN)
    * ISAPI and the Web Application Architecture(MSDN)
    * Designing ISAPI Extension Applications(MSDN)
    * Designing ISAPI Filter Applications(MSDN)
    * ISAPI Filters Samples(MSDN)
    * ISAPI Extensions Samples(MSDN)
    * ATL7 ISAPIFilter Sample: Maps URLs to Parameterized Queries(MSDN)
jymmealeyAuthor Commented:
That is interersting but not really what I am looking for.  Even in VS.NET (7) which I believe is 2003, there was a wizard for creating both ATL Server projects and ISAPI Extensions.  But I am using VS.NET 2005 (8) which uses ATL8 so these tutorials and examples don't really fit.  Many of the instructions don't appy.

There is still ISAPI extensions even though they are phasing out ISAPI Filters, but do I have to create it by hand?  Isn't there a wizard?

jymmealeyAuthor Commented:
There is no ATL Server Wizard or ISAPI wizard that I can find.
There is ATL Server Project wizard in my VC8.0 (Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition)

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jymmealeyAuthor Commented:
I wonder if it is because I am using Stanard Edition.  Maybe it is only available in Professional and up.

I just created an MFC DLL and manually exported the entry points, and that worked fine.
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