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I have a website (written in Cold Fustion) that needs an ad server solution.  The site will only be serving banner ads in the beginning, but flexibility to do more in the future would be nice.  Also we would like to give advertisers the ability to view their own stats.  Any recommendations for the best way to go?
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There are a lot of ways to achieve that and many things to consider, but here are some tips to get you started.

1. Use CFCONTENT to serve up the banners that way your banner IMG code can look like this
                  <img src="adServe/getBanner.cfm" border="0">.  
Then within the code of the file getBanner.cfm you would write to a log or database an entry to use for stats relating to "impressions" of the banner.

2. You can also track "click through" on your banners by changing the URL to be something like
                  <a href="adServe/clickTracker.cfm?"><img src="adServe/getBanner.cfm" border="0"></a>.
Then in the code of clickTracker.cfm you would log the click through to the parameter for stats reporting.


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The last job i worked on had their own home grown ad system, which they complimented with selling banner space on  They are the middle man, and provide all the stats of your site traffic, click through rate, etc.  Best part is you have COMPLETE control over what ads you want to accept or refuse to sell people.  Its free to sign up.  You might want to check them out if you are looking for ease of deployment.  They keep 25%, but it couldnt be simpler.
Sounds good, cheers.
SponDevAuthor Commented:
The evaluation process takes a while, but the solution we ended up going with is phpadsnew and it seems to work pretty well.

Thank you everyone for your help.
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