how can I get rid of Microsoft Quickshelf toolbar from an old version of Office?

I accidentally installed Office 4.3 on my computer a few weeks ago. I then went to OpenOffice 2.0 as a temporary fix. I have now gotten my original Office disc and have installed it. Everything is fine except the Quickshelf tool bar stays at the top of my screen, top left. It is 4 small boxes with links to Excel or Word and a drop down box for help, etc.
How could I locate the folder on C: that contains the file for this toolbar in order to remove it or at least keep it disabled until wanted?
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byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
Hi nickg5,
On my computer, the file is located in C:/Program files/Microsoft Office/Office/OSA9.exe

You can turn it off using MSConfig.exe
1) From the Start menu...Run command line, enter:
2) Go to the Start-up tab, then look for a Microsoft Office start-up item. When you find it, verify that the file name looks like OSAx.Exe (where X is a version number). If so, clear its checkbox, then click "OK" and reboot your computer.
3) Another hiding place for a shortcut to this file is in the Startup folder in your Documents and Settings. You'll need to look at both your Windows log-in name and All Users--such as in C:/Documents and Settings/your Windows log-in name/Start Menu/Programs/Startup folder



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nickg5Author Commented:
now I have 3 such tool bars. Before I installed Office Pro that had my Excel 2002, the small tool bar from Office 4.3 was at the top left of my screen. Then when I installed my disc for Office Pro, that small tool bar only showed up on my desktop. I did not get a chance to try your fix to get rid of it. Now, today, when I reboot for the first time since installing Office Pro, I now have two more tool bars. They are both on the right side of my screen and run from the top to the bottom. Both are the same for some reason as far as icons. One says Office at the top, then 6 icons and then the color the rest of the way to the bottom is white. The other one is exactly the same but after the icons the color is black all the way to the bottom and at the bottom is the word Microsoft.
1. Why are they giving me two of these tool bars?
2. You gave me instructions on removing the Office 4.3 tool bar. How to I get rid of these two new ones as well? (and be able to tell which files goes with which tool bars? Again. I'd like to just disable them and not total deletion, "except" the Office 4.3 tool bar which does not work now that Office Pro has been installed so it needs to be removed all together.
nickg5Author Commented:
oh, by adding these tool bars on the right side of my desktop, it rearranged all my desktop icons to make room. If these tools bars stayed on the desktop and did not follow me around I'd leave them there. But it has made my screen about an inch or so narrower on the right side and the size of my screen can not be expanded using my cursor.
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byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
Actually, the instructions I gave you were for getting rid of the toolbar from Office 2000. I believe the procedure is the same for Office 97, 2000, and 2002 (XP). Office 2003 does not have the toolbar.

As I recall, the older versions of Office always tried to install the toolbar. The newer versions of Office made it an optional install.
nickg5Author Commented:
On my computer, the file is located in C:/Program files/Microsoft Office/Office/OSA9.exe
.....I tried this but there is no OSA9.exe............there is one OSA...........if clicked on it does nothing.......

The office 4.3 in my original question is from 1994.......I removed the entire program and installed my Office Pro 2002 but the tool bar from Office 4.3 still do the tool bars for Office 2002.
nickg5Author Commented:
ok, I got rid of the Office 4.3 (1994 version) tool bar on my desktop. It was in Documents & Settings/my name/start menu/programs/startup. It was removed upon bootup. The only two files in here were Office 4.3 and OpenOffice, so both were deleted, leaving this folder empty.

Upon reboot, I got a new and strange Yahoo messenger, and it covered about 2/3 to 3/4 of my screen. I guess it is a coincidence that between 8:30 am today and 10:30 am today, they came up with a new version.

Now, I need to try to locate the files for the two Office Pro 2002 tool bars..........and wonder why they give me two identical tool bars on the right side of my screen.

increasing the points......
nickg5Author Commented:
I located the folder that contains the files for all the icons on the Office Pro 2002 tool bar. I moved that file to the recycle bin and rebooted but the tool bars are still there. Would I have needed to empty the recycle bin to get rid of it?
byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
1) Have you tried MSConfig.exe to remove items from the Startup section? You will probably also want to explore the other tabs, because I believe Office 4.3 was a 16 bit application.
2) Office 97 and Office XP call the toolbar file OSA.EXE. Office 2000 calls it OSA9.EXE. In all three cases (on my computer), it is located in C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/ folder.

Moving or renaming the file should be sufficient to get rid of the toolbar file.
nickg5Author Commented:
It looks like I got rid of the other two. Just for the fun of it, I right click on the tool bar itself. There was an auto hide and customize. One allowed me to auto hide. It is way right off my screen and only shows when my cursor goes outside my browser window. It would not let me auto hide the other one until it was moved to another side of the screen. It still would not let me auto hide. It did let me remove all icons and then when I did remove all icons it said the tool bar could not work without at least one icon. So, I said no to adding one icon and it closed all together and gone.
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