"help with dell hd and graphic card selection"

Here is the HD question and my current HD environment:

maxtor 120gb 7200rpm ata as master
Maxtor 120gb 7200rpm ata as slave (use to Ghost Master)
maxtor 120gb 72004pm ata sitting in the box if ever needed
maxtor 120 gb 7200 rpm external usb

Notes:  Cousin just gave me these 3 mastors (not the external) becuase my 1 old internal maxtor was dying.

Question:  How can I purchase a new Dell XPS 600 computer with a fast HD configuration that is not going to cost me an arm and a leg and without adding special equipment to the system and that can work with one or two of my current maxtor 120 gb 7200 rpm drives..

My guess is the easiest way is to go with the 250gb serial ata hd 7200rpm (subtract #40) because it looks to me just like the Maxtor 7200 ata drives (except larger).

That is question one..... please keep the answer at ground level

Thanks Doc and Gec
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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
I will await garycases reply because I dont want to confuse the matter but for me I would say "Build it yourself" that way you can choose exactly what CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics card or cards you want etc etc and you will get the support directly from the manufacturers provided you get retail stuff , if you want it cheaper you could get OEM stuff but then the support wont be there at least not for long.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
I think with Dell or any major supplier like Dell you are paying more for the badge and possibly the support as well so it depends how badly you want the support and the badge.
Hey Bob,

Hopefully I understand your question. First off, if you want a dell for a better price, i'd recommend checking out their dell.com/outlet. if you look at the right times you can sometimes see some decent deals.
Otherwise with your question about hd, I would suggest that you get the hd card at compusa and install it yourself rather then paying dell an arm and a leg. You can avoid voiding your dell warranty by calling and telling them what you plan to do, and how to do so that way u wont void your warranty.

As with the raid question which i'm kinda shaky on what your asking, its not hard to set up a raid if you havent done it before, you just need the installation disks, and its pretty straight forward. So if you end up goin with a new pc, buy minimal hd size, and just add your's on.

Also to save money on the dell(if thats what you get) upgrade it yourself, dont waste your money on overpaying them for generic parts. a good parts site is www.newegg.com i've used it as well as many of my friends and its as good as it gets.

Hopefully I answered all your questions. If you have any others or need clarification, just let me know.
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I'm going to really upset a few people... but I love Dell, and it's not really any more expensive than building it yourself ( in most cases).

If you want Dell for less... then check out eBay.. a little known secret about Dell is that they sell tons of stuff to eBay only sellers for re-sale.  They deny it but it's 100% true.  You can easily find Dell resellers on eBay for 25 - 30% less then Dell direct for Brand New machines with Full Dell warranty.  They'll usually give you the Express Code and Service Tag ID's from the machine so you can double check with Dell's website.  This will let you lookup original configuration when shipped and warranty status.

Check it out.
bob733Author Commented:
Hi Gecko.... I can not build it my self... not time and not experience.... so that is out.

Hi seen415... i need to buy from the good old standard Dell web page... can not afford the time to be fancy.
I am not ebay savy enough to buy Dell on Ebay, nor do I have the time to learn, but thanks anyway.

I need info on how to still use 2 new maxtor ata 120 gig 7200rpm internal drives with the new Dell XPS 600 configurations.

Once this is resolved, I will move onto the final tough question of Video cards.

Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
gary already answered that on your previous question with regards to making them external and getting drive caddies and he posted URL's to ones he suggested, didnt he ?

If not then take a look on www.newegg.com and use them externally.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Take a look at this comment with regards to the drive caddie suggestin that gary made on your previous question :

Comment from garycase
Date: 12/29/2005 06:57PM GMT
bob733Author Commented:
I am rereading it now (again)
bob733Author Commented:
Well, I pulled the plug... Here is a summary

Pentium D Dual Core 3.0ghz 800fsb
XP Pro
2gb ddr2 sdram 667 mhz
19 analog flat panel (I will give to kids), as I have 3 dvi 18 inchers
256mb PCI e x16 geforce 6800
13 in 1 media card reader and 3.5 floppy
Dual drive 48x cd-rw   plus 16x dvd +/-RW w/ double layer writee capable
sound blaster with 1394
and other standard stuff
Price $2,248.00

The deed is done
Thanks for all your help   Point to gegco and gary case if I can figure out how to do it this time.3
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Hi Bob,

Well I guess I'll add my nickel's worth here - I've had a busy couple of days and didn't post in time to help with the final configuration; but I do have a couple of thoughts r.e. how to best use your current 120GB drives.

First, what hard drive configuration did you order here?   (You forgot to include that in the list above)

I'll ASSUME (not always good to do) that you ordered a configuration that only includes ONE hard drive.   If that's true, you should do the following:

(1)  Buy this:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16816102007

(2)  Install 2 of your 120gb drives in the extra internal drive cages and connect them to that card.   This is EASY to do -- and will give you 240gb of extra storage ==>  probably all you need (for now).

(3)  IF you also want to use the 3rd hard drive (you may want to just keep it as a spare) then you should also buy this:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817145131
It's very easy to install one of your drives in this enclosure -- and then it will be simply an external USB drive that you can plug in to one of your USB ports (on this, or any other computer).   Very handy for backups; transferring data between computers that aren't networked; etc.

IF my "assumption" above is wrong (i.e. your system already has two internal drives) let me know and I'll suggest what I think are the best alternatives.

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bob733Author Commented:
Gary, I took the 250gb ata 7200rpm    (thinking about what you have been saying on being able to use the other hd's
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