Can't change NIS+ password "Permission Denied"

The system is Solaris (SunOS 5.8 according to uname) and I'm trying to change a new users NIS+ password.

When logged in as root on the NIS master, I try to change the password for the user, and get:

{root}$ passwd starves
Enter root's password:
New Password:
Re-enter new Password:
Permission denied

Looking at passwd.org_dir, I see:

niscat passwd.org_dir | grep starves
starves:SZ63.is3qsDOM:156:1000:Shaun Tarves:/home/starves:/bin/sh:

There is an entry in auto_home-

{root}$ niscat  auto_home.org_dir | grep starves
starves bostonserver:/export/raid/part07/starves

And one in

bostonserver:{root}$ niscat cred.org_dir | grep starves

Anyone have any idea how I can actually change this user's password so he can log in?
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Are you attempting to do this on the NIS+ master server, or on a workstation?
Patrick_BaldwinAuthor Commented:
I'm logged into the the NIS+ master server, as root.
I just remembered... Use nispasswd instead of passwd

And the user will have to use chkey -p to update their key
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jlevie is correct, you can use:

nispasswd user_name

to set the user password (change the root password need to
follow the procedure in the FAQ)

if you don't want to let the user worry about to type in
chkey -p

You need to do: (extract from my old script)

nisaddcred -p unix.${USRID}@your-nis+-domain -P ${NAME}.your-nis+-domain.
nisaddcred -p ${USRID} -P ${NAME}.your-nis+-domain. local


Print a copy of the following NIS+ FAQ to heep it handy:

If you play a lot with NIS+, I suggest you to install Solstice (GUI), it will make life easier
for you to manage the NIS+ database.

Happy new year to all of you, cheers !
Patrick_BaldwinAuthor Commented:
Sorry, nispasswd has the same problem, and I've looked at the faq already.  I'll look into installing solstice, but there's no way I'll
be able to install it anytime soon.

Any other ideas?
Is it possible that root's credentials are invalid. That would happen if the root password changed after NIS+ was set up. You might try a 'chey -p' and root and then try nispasswd.
try to do the followings to reset the passwd

passwd -r nisplus -l  myusr
nisping -C org_dir
passwd -r nisplus -s myusr
passwd -r nisplus myusr

If you still have problem, make the password that starts with an alphabetical
character see if it can help, also make the passwd
length <= 8 chars.

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Patrick_BaldwinAuthor Commented:
Should I do the "chkey -p" first, and then try yuzh's suggestions, should I try yuzh's suggestions first?

Also, at the moment the password starts with an alphabetical character, is 8 characters, and the one I was trying
to change it to meets those requirements as well.
Try yuzh's suggestion first. If that also fails with a  permission denied try chkey for root.
You need to make sure the root's credentials are valid first, otherwise
you can't modify any thing for NIS+ database.

I suggest you to following the procedures in:

to use the current password to reset the root password first, then do
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