Lynksys Routerkeeps loosing the LAN IP address.

I have Static DSL connection. I have Lynksys router (12port) connected to the DSL modem. (from Verizon). I have connected two PCs to the Router.(Ethernet cable connection.). I connect to this PCs from outside via PcAnywhere. Every once in a while (2 days) I cannot connect. I have to go the Office and access the Lynksys webpage from one of this PCs, go to the DHCP table and see what are the current addresses. I then go back and change these address in the Fowarding table. Now I can connect remotly. I like to know how I can have this addresses reserved for the PCs that are connected so that they do not keep changing. Please help
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
You can reserve addresses with some Linksys routers such as the RV042 by assigning a particular IP address to a given MAC address on the DHCP page. However in most cases you are better to manually assign a static IP address to the workstation by entering an IP, Subnet mask, gateway address and DNS server under the TCP/IP properties of your network card. If you need a hand configuring this please advise.

You could also extend the DHCP/client lease time as long as possible so you wouldn't have to change as often. Some routers have the option of forever".

Which model Linksys?
hpjethwaAuthor Commented:
BEFSR81 is the Model number.
Lease time is set at 0
0=one day.
Can you help me stepwise? How do you manually assign a ststic IP address ?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
You cannot assign a specific IP to a given computer/MAC address with the BEFSR81 so you have 2 options;
1) On the routers DHCP configuration page set the lease time to the largest number it will accept. Not a good option as you will still have to make changes from time to time.
2) Manually assign a static IP address to the various computers

-Gather the required information from the router's status page, and/or workstations. You can obtain the current configuration of a workstation by entering at a command prompt (DOS window)
  ipconfig  /all
You will need:
IP address -you will change/set this, but need to know the subnet, eg. 192.168.1.x
Subnet mask - this will likely be
Gateway -IP address of the router. If you haven't changed it, it will be
DNS servers - this can be the DNS servers provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or the router

-Next to assure there are no conflicts set the DHCP range to a specified set of IP's. The default starting IP with 50 addresses is fine
-Now configure the workstations. Right click on My Network places and choose properties. Right click on the network connection icon and choose properties. In the 'drop down menu' select Internet protocol TCP/IP and click properties.
-Here there are likely 2 buttons selected , obtain IP and DNS automatically. Select "use the following IP address". Enter the static/fixed IP you want to assign this computer, for example (remember no 2 devices on the network can have the same IP). Then enter the subnet mask and gateway as above.
-Now in the same dialogue box choose "use the following DNS server addresses". Now enter either the routers IP (the DNS server addresses need to be entered on the router for this to work and they usually are by default), or enter 2 of your ISP's DNS server IP's.
-Click OK and you are done.
-Test your internet connection
-Final step is to configure the port forwarding for the new, fixed IP's

Sounds far more complicated than it is.

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hpjethwaAuthor Commented:
Thankyou RobWill. It was very straight forward. In Tcp/IP Properties page, I went to Adavanced tab and then assigned the IP address.
I had also got a response from Lynksys too, they gave me the following link which is basically same as what you have mentioned. Thanks abunch.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
hpjethwa , glad to hear it worked out for you.
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