Microsoft VBScript runtime error 800a01f4 Variable is undefined

Hi I am getting this error.

The script is below.

<!--#include file="../includes/config.asp"-->
<!--#include file="../../../Connections/memberspro.asp" -->
<!--#include file="../includes/email.asp"-->
<!--#include file="../includes/functions.asp"-->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../includes/stylesheet.css" type="text/css">
<script language="Javascript" src="../includes/functions.js"></script>
<!--#include file="../includes/logo.asp"-->
'''If the form has not been filled in then display this code
If Request.Form("Submit")<>"Submit" Then
<form action="join.asp" method="post" onSubmit="return Form1_Validator(this)" name="Form1">
  <div align="center">
    <table width="75%" border="1" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="#6185C1" bgcolor="#EEF3FB">
          <td valign="top">
          <table width="100%" border="0" align="center">
              <td colspan="2"> <div align="center"><%= sSitename %> Membership Signup Form - All fields are mandatory.<br>
                  You will be sent a password once your membership has been approved. <br>
              <td width="42%" height="31">First name</td>
              <td width="58%" height="31"> <input name="txtFirstName" type="text" class="input" id="txtFirstName" size="25" maxlength="25">
              <td width="42%">Surname</td>
              <td width="58%"> <input name="txtSurName" type="text" class="input" id="txtSurName" size="25" maxlength="25">
              <td height="33" width="42%">Address</td>
              <td height="33" width="58%"> <input name="txtAddress" type="text" class="input" id="txtAddress" size="25" maxlength="40">
              <td width="42%">City</td>
              <td width="58%"> <input name="txtCity" type="text" class="input" id="txtCity" size="25" maxlength="25">
              <td width="42%">State / County</td>
              <td width="58%"><select name="txtStateCounty" class="input">
<option value="" selected>Select a State</option>
<option value="Outside US">Outside US</option>
<option value="Alaska">Alaska</option>
<option value="Arizona">Arizona</option>
<option value="Arkansas">Arkansas</option>
<option value="California">California</option>
<option value="Colorado">Colorado</option>
<option value="Connecticut">Connecticut</option>
<option value="Delaware">Delaware</option>
<option value="Florida">Florida</option>
<option value="Georgia">Georgia</option>
<option value="Hawaii">Hawaii</option>
<option value="Idaho">Idaho</option>
<option value="Illinois">Illinois</option>
<option value="Indiana">Indiana</option>
<option value="Iowa">Iowa</option>
<option value="Kansas">Kansas</option>
<option value="Kentucky">Kentucky</option>
<option value="Louisiana">Louisiana</option>
<option value="Maine">Maine</option>
<option value="Maryland">Maryland</option>
<option value="Massachusetts">Massachusetts</option>
<option value="Michigan">Michigan</option>
<option value="Minnesota">Minnesota</option>
<option value="Mississippi">Mississippi</option>
<option value="Missouri">Missouri</option>
<option value="Montana">Montana</option>
<option value="Nebraska">Nebraska</option>
<option value="Nevada">Nevada</option>
<option value="New Hampshire">New Hampshire</option>
<option value="New Jersey">New Jersey</option>
<option value="New Mexico">New Mexico</option>
<option value="New York">New York</option>
<option value="North Carolina">North Carolina</option>
<option value="North Dakota">North Dakota</option>
<option value="Ohio">Ohio</option>
<option value="Oklahoma">Oklahoma</option>
<option value="Oregon">Oregon</option>
<option value="Pennsylvania">Pennsylvania</option>
<option value="Rhode Island">Rhode Island</option>
<option value="South Carolina">South Carolina</option>
<option value="South Dakota">South Dakota</option>
<option value="Tennessee">Tennessee</option>
<option value="Texas">Texas</option>
<option value="Utah">Utah</option>
<option value="Vermont">Vermont</option>
<option value="Virginia">Virginia</option>
<option value="Washington">Washington</option>
<option value="West Virginia">West Virginia</option>
<option value="Wisconsin">Wisconsin</option>
<option value="Wyoming">Wyoming</option>
              <td width="42%">Country</td>
              <td width="58%"> <select name="txtCountry" class="input" id="txtCountry">
                  <option value="" selected>Select a Country</option>
                  <option value="Afghanistan">Afghanistan </option>
                  <option value="Albania">Albania </option>
                  <option value="Algeria">Algeria </option>
                  <option value="American Samoa">American Samoa </option>
                  <option value="Andorra">Andorra </option>
                  <option value="Angola">Angola </option>
                  <option value="Anguilla">Anguilla </option>
                  <option value="Antarctica">Antarctica </option>
                  <option value="Antigua">Antigua and Barbuda </option>
                  <option value="Argentina">Argentina </option>
                  <option value="Armenia">Armenia </option>
                  <option value="Aruba">Aruba </option>
                  <option value="Australia">Australia </option>
                  <option value="Austria">Austria </option>
                  <option value="Azerbaijan">Azerbaijan </option>
                  <option value="Bahamas">Bahamas </option>
                  <option value="Bahrain">Bahrain </option>
                  <option value="Bangladesh">Bangladesh </option>
                  <option value="Barbados">Barbados </option>
                  <option value="Belarus">Belarus </option>
                  <option value="Belgium">Belgium </option>
                  <option value="Belize">Belize </option>
                  <option value="Benin">Benin </option>
                  <option value="Bermuda">Bermuda </option>
                  <option value="Bhutan">Bhutan </option>
                  <option value="Bolivia">Bolivia </option>
                  <option value="Bosnia and Herzegovina">Bosnia and Herzegovina
                  <option value="Botswana">Botswana </option>
                  <option value="Bouvet Island">Bouvet Island </option>
                  <option value="Brazil">Brazil </option>
                  <option value="British Indian Ocean Territory">British Indian
                  Ocean Territory </option>
                  <option value="Brunei Darussalam">Brunei Darussalam </option>
                  <option value="Bulgaria">Bulgaria </option>
                  <option value="Burkina Faso">Burkina Faso </option>
                  <option value="Burundi">Burundi </option>
                  <option value="Cambodia">Cambodia </option>
                  <option value="Cameroon">Cameroon </option>
                  <option value="Canada">Canada </option>
                  <option value="Cape Verde">Cape Verde </option>
                  <option value="Cayman Islands">Cayman Islands </option>
                  <option value="Central African Republic">Central African Republic
                  <option value="Chad">Chad </option>
                  <option value="Chile">Chile </option>
                  <option value="China">China </option>
                  <option value="Christmas Island">Christmas Island </option>
                  <option value="Cocos (Keeling) Islands">Cocos (Keeling) Islands
                  <option value="Colombia">Colombia </option>
                  <option value="Comoros">Comoros </option>
                  <option value="Congo">Congo </option>
                  <option value="Cook Islands">Cook Islands </option>
                  <option value="Costa Rica">Costa Rica </option>
                  <option value="Croatia">Croatia </option>
                  <option value="Cuba">Cuba </option>
                  <option value="Cyprus">Cyprus </option>
                  <option value="Czech Republic">Czech Republic </option>
                  <option value="C&ocirc;te d'Ivoire">C&ocirc;te d'Ivoire </option>
                  <option value="Denmark">Denmark </option>
                  <option value="Djibouti">Djibouti </option>
                  <option value="Dominica">Dominica </option>
                  <option value="Dominican Republic">Dominican Republic </option>
                  <option value="East Timor">East Timor </option>
                  <option value="Ecuador">Ecuador </option>
                  <option value="Egypt">Egypt </option>
                  <option value="El salvador">El salvador </option>
                  <option value="Equatorial Guinea">Equatorial Guinea </option>
                  <option value="Eritrea">Eritrea </option>
                  <option value="Estonia">Estonia </option>
                  <option value="Ethiopia">Ethiopia </option>
                  <option value="Falkland Islands">Falkland Islands </option>
                  <option value="Faroe Islands">Faroe Islands </option>
                  <option value="Fiji">Fiji </option>
                  <option value="Finland">Finland </option>
                  <option value="France">France </option>
                  <option value="French Guiana">French Guiana </option>
                  <option value="French Polynesia">French Polynesia </option>
                  <option value="French Southern Territories">French Southern
                  Territories </option>
                  <option value="Gabon">Gabon </option>
                  <option value="Gambia">Gambia </option>
                  <option value="Georgia">Georgia </option>
                  <option value="Germany">Germany </option>
                  <option value="Ghana">Ghana </option>
                  <option value="Gibraltar">Gibraltar </option>
                  <option value="Greece">Greece </option>
                  <option value="Greenland">Greenland </option>
                  <option value="Grenada">Grenada </option>
                  <option value="Guadeloupe">Guadeloupe </option>
                  <option value="Guam">Guam </option>
                  <option value="Guatemala">Guatemala </option>
                  <option value="Guinea">Guinea </option>
                  <option value="Guinea-Bissau">Guinea-Bissau </option>
                  <option value="Guyana">Guyana </option>
                  <option value="Haiti">Haiti </option>
                  <option value="Heard Island and McDonald Islands">Heard Island
                  and McDonald Islands </option>
                  <option value="Holy See (Vatican City State)">Holy See (Vatican
                  City State) </option>
                  <option value="Honduras">Honduras </option>
                  <option value="Hong Kong">Hong Kong </option>
                  <option value="Hungary">Hungary </option>
                  <option value="Iceland">Iceland </option>
                  <option value="India">India </option>
                  <option value="Indonesia">Indonesia </option>
                  <option value="Iran">Iran </option>
                  <option value="Iraq">Iraq </option>
                  <option value="Ireland">Ireland </option>
                  <option value="Israel">Israel </option>
                  <option value="Italy">Italy </option>
                  <option value="Jamaica">Jamaica </option>
                  <option value="Japan">Japan </option>
                  <option value="Jordan">Jordan </option>
                  <option value="Kazakstan">Kazakstan </option>
                  <option value="Kenya">Kenya </option>
                  <option value="Kiribati">Kiribati </option>
                  <option value="Kuwait">Kuwait </option>
                  <option value="Kyrgystan">Kyrgystan </option>
                  <option value="Lao">Lao </option>
                  <option value="Latvia">Latvia </option>
                  <option value="Lebanon">Lebanon </option>
                  <option value="Lesotho">Lesotho </option>
                  <option value="Liberia">Liberia </option>
                  <option value="Libyan Arab Jamahiriya">Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
                  <option value="Liechtenstein">Liechtenstein </option>
                  <option value="Lithuania">Lithuania </option>
                  <option value="Luxembourg">Luxembourg </option>
                  <option value="Macau">Macau </option>
                  <option value="Macedonia (FYR)">Macedonia (FYR) </option>
                  <option value="Madagascar">Madagascar </option>
                  <option value="Malawi">Malawi </option>
                  <option value="Malaysia">Malaysia </option>
                  <option value="Maldives">Maldives </option>
                  <option value="Mali">Mali </option>
                  <option value="Malta">Malta </option>
                  <option value="Marshall Islands">Marshall Islands </option>
                  <option value="Martinique">Martinique </option>
                  <option value="Mauritania">Mauritania </option>
                  <option value="Mauritius">Mauritius </option>
                  <option value="Mayotte">Mayotte </option>
                  <option value="Mexico">Mexico </option>
                  <option value="Micronesia">Micronesia </option>
                  <option value="Moldova">Moldova </option>
                  <option value="Monaco">Monaco </option>
                  <option value="Mongolia">Mongolia </option>
                  <option value="Montserrat">Montserrat </option>
                  <option value="Morocco">Morocco </option>
                  <option value="Mozambique">Mozambique </option>
                  <option value="Myanmar">Myanmar </option>
                  <option value="Namibia">Namibia </option>
                  <option value="Nauru">Nauru </option>
                  <option value="Nepal">Nepal </option>
                  <option value="Netherlands">Netherlands </option>
                  <option value="Netherlands Antilles">Netherlands Antilles </option>
                  <option value="New Caledonia">New Caledonia </option>
                  <option value="New Zealand">New Zealand </option>
                  <option value="Nicaragua">Nicaragua </option>
                  <option value="Niger">Niger </option>
                  <option value="Nigeria">Nigeria </option>
                  <option value="Niue">Niue </option>
                  <option value="Norfolk Island">Norfolk Island </option>
                  <option value="North Korea">North Korea </option>
                  <option value="Northern Mariana Islands">Northern Mariana Islands </option>
                  <option value="Norway">Norway </option>
                  <option value="Oman">Oman </option>
                  <option value="Pakistan">Pakistan </option>
                  <option value="Palau">Palau </option>
                  <option value="Panama">Panama </option>
                  <option value="Papua New Guinea">Papua New Guinea </option>
                  <option value="Paraguay">Paraguay </option>
                  <option value="Peru">Peru </option>
                  <option value="Philippines">Philippines </option>
                  <option value="Pitcairn">Pitcairn </option>
                  <option value="Poland">Poland </option>
                  <option value="Portugal">Portugal </option>
                  <option value="Puerto Rico">Puerto Rico </option>
                  <option value="Qatar">Qatar </option>
                  <option value="Reunion">Reunion </option>
                  <option value="Romania">Romania </option>
                  <option value="Russian Federation">Russian Federation </option>
                  <option value="Rwanda">Rwanda </option>
                  <option value="Saint Helena">Saint Helena </option>
                  <option value="Saint Kitts and Nevis">Saint Kitts and Nevis </option>
                  <option value="Saint Lucia">Saint Lucia </option>
                  <option value="Saint Pierre and Miquelon">Saint Pierre and Miquelon </option>
                  <option value="Saint Vincent and the Grenadines">Saint Vincent and the Grenadines </option>
                  <option value="Samoa">Samoa </option>
                  <option value="San Marino">San Marino </option>
                  <option value="Sao Tome and Principe">Sao Tome and Principe </option>
                  <option value="Saudi Arabia">Saudi Arabia </option>
                  <option value="Senegal">Senegal </option>
                  <option value="Seychelles">Seychelles </option>
                  <option value="Sierra Leone">Sierra Leone </option>
                  <option value="Singapore">Singapore </option>
                  <option value="Slovakia">Slovakia </option>
                  <option value="Slovenia">Slovenia </option>
                  <option value="Solomon Islands">Solomon Islands </option>
                  <option value="Somalia">Somalia </option>
                  <option value="South Africa">South Africa </option>
                  <option value="South Georgia">South Georgia </option>
                  <option value="South Korea">South Korea </option>
                  <option value="Spain">Spain </option>
                  <option value="Sri Lanka">Sri Lanka </option>
                  <option value="Sudan">Sudan </option>
                  <option value="Suriname">Suriname </option>
                  <option value="Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands">Svalbard and
                  Jan Mayen Islands </option>
                  <option value="Swaziland">Swaziland </option>
                  <option value="Sweden">Sweden </option>
                  <option value="Switzerland">Switzerland </option>
                  <option value="Syria">Syria </option>
                  <option value="Taiwan">Taiwan </option>
                  <option value="Tajikistan">Tajikistan </option>
                  <option value="Tanzania">Tanzania </option>
                  <option value="Thailand">Thailand </option>
                  <option value="Togo">Togo </option>
                  <option value="Tokelau">Tokelau </option>
                  <option value="Tonga">Tonga </option>
                  <option value="Trinidad and Tobago">Trinidad and Tobago </option>
                  <option value="Tunisia">Tunisia </option>
                  <option value="Turkey">Turkey </option>
                  <option value="Turkmenistan">Turkmenistan </option>
                  <option value="Turks and Caicos Islands">Turks and Caicos Islands
                  <option value="Tuvalu">Tuvalu </option>
                  <option value="Uganda">Uganda </option>
                  <option value="Ukraine">Ukraine </option>
                  <option value="AE">United Arab Emirates </option>
                  <option value="United Kingdom">United Kingdom </option>
                  <option value="United States Minor Outlying Islands">United
                  States Minor Outlying Islands </option>
                  <option value="USA">United States of America </option>
                  <option value="UY">Uruguay </option>
                  <option value="Uzbekistan">Uzbekistan </option>
                  <option value="Vanuatu">Vanuatu </option>
                  <option value="Venezuela">Venezuela </option>
                  <option value="VietName">VietNam </option>
                  <option value="Virgin Island British">Virgin Islands (British)
                  <option value="Virgin Islands U.S.">Virgin Islands (U.S.) </option>
                  <option value="Wallis and Futuna Islands">Wallis and Futuna
                  Islands </option>
                  <option value="Western Sahara">Western Sahara </option>
                  <option value="Yemen">Yemen </option>
                  <option value="Yugoslavia">Yugoslavia </option>
                  <option value="Zaire">Zaire </option>
                  <option value="Zambia">Zambia </option>
                  <option value="Zimbabwe">Zimbabwe </option>
                </select> </td>
              <td width="42%">Zip or Postcode</td>
              <td width="58%"> <input name="txtZipPostcode" type="text" class="input" id="txtZipPostcode" size="25" maxlength="15">
              <td width="42%">Email Address</td>
              <td width="58%"> <input name="txtEmail" type="text" class="input" id="txtEmail" size="40" maxlength="40">
              <td width="42%">Where did you hear about website?</td>
              <td width="58%"> <select name="txtHear_About_Website" class="input" id="txtHear_About_Website">
                  <option value="Google Search" selected>Google Search</option>
                  <option value="Word of Mouth">Word of Mouth</option>
                  <option value="Literature">Literature</option>
                  <option value="Web Marketing">Web Marketing</option>
                  <option value="Conference">Conference</option>
                  <option value="Links">Links</option>
                </select> </td>
              <td width="42%">Please select a Username</td>
              <td width="58%"> <input name="txtUserName" type="text" class="input" id="txtUserName" size="25" maxlength="16">
              <td colspan="2">&nbsp;</td>
              <td width="42%">&nbsp; </td>
              <td width="58%"> <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit" class="submit">
                <input type="reset" name="Reset" value="Reset" class="submit">
'if the form has been submitted correctly then execute this code
'Declare variables
Dim oConnection, oRecordset, sSQL
Dim sFirstname, sSurname, sAddress, sCity, sStateCounty, sCountry
Dim sZipPostCode, sEmail, sHear_about_website, sUsername
Dim sSubject, sEmail_body, sRandomPassword

'Receive variables

'call the function and return a password of 5 characters

'Server side Validation and Email Function to check valid email
If sFirstName="" OR sSurName="" OR sAddress="" OR sCity="" OR sStateCounty="" OR sCountry="" OR _
sZipPostcode="" OR sEmail="" OR sHear_about_website="" OR sUserName="" OR IsValidEmail(sEmail)=False Then
Response.write "<div align=""center""><table width=""70%""><tr><td>Please click on the browser back button and make sure that you " & _
" have provided a valid email and filled in all fields.</td></tr></table></div>"
'Insert values into the database
sSQL="INSERT INTO tblMembers(FirstName, SurName, Address, City, StateCounty, Country, ZipPostcode," & _
"Email, hear_about_website , UserName, MembersPassword, Active, DateAdded) VALUES ('" & sFirstname & "'," & _
"'" & sSurname & "', '" & sAddress & "', '" & sCity & "', '" & sStateCounty & "', '" & sCountry & "'," & _
"'" & sZipPostCode & "', '" & sEmail & "','" & sHear_about_website & "', '" & sUserName & "'," & _
"'" & sRandompassword & "','N', '" & Now() & "')"

Set oConnection=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.connection")
Response.write "<div align=""center"">You will be notified by email once your membership has been approved.</div>"

'Send out an email notifying admin of a new member needing approval
sSubject=sSitename & " Membership"
sEmail_body="A new member needs approval."
Call SendEmail(sAdminEmail, sSubject, sEmail_body, sAdminEmail, "HTML")

'Close the connection and free up resources
Set oConnection=nothing

End If
End If
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raajsbrarAuthor Commented:
This is the exact error I am getting:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01f4'

Variable is undefined: 'memberspro'

/members/membersPro/join/join.asp, line 447

line 447 is: oConnection.Open(memberspro)
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
it looks like the variable should be defined by this line:
<!--#include file="../../../Connections/memberspro.asp" -->

but I guess that either the file is not there, or the variable is spelled differently
raajsbrarAuthor Commented:
This is the string that its suppose to connect to:  It's a dummy string...

Dim sConnString
'You MUST adjust the connection string to connect to the 'members.mdb' database
'It is recommended that you use the physical path to the your database
sConnString="PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=e:\virtwww\mywebsite\memberspro\members.mdb"
'sConnString = "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=e:\virtwww\mywebsite\memberspro\members.mdb"
'***** The file 'path.asp' will help you find the physical path to 'members.mdb', run it if you need.
'You may also choose to move the database to a more secure folder outside the root directory

This is the string connecting to the database

' FileName="Connection_odbc_conn_dsn.htm"
' Type="ADO"
' DesigntimeType="ADO"
' HTTP="true"
' Catalog=""
' Schema=""
Dim MM_memberspro_STRING
MM_memberspro_STRING = "dsn=southasi-members;uid=salmembers;pwd=imagine23=1973;"

So what do I do?
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Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadCommented:
try change line:




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Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadCommented:
or change it to:


depends on what's your exact conectionstring setting.
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
I agree with ryancys last comment, that's the way the line should read
raajsbrarAuthor Commented:
Right now you are GOD to me.  It worked!  I could kiss you right now.  I used: oConnection.Open(memberspro) and I checked my database and the information stored.
raajsbrarAuthor Commented:
I have one question for you?  I am not getting an email with a password?

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