exchange 2003 and global catalog server

i have a active directory 2000 domain with exchange 2003
all is well except when i reboot or shutdown domain controller numnber 1
(i have 2 )oulook hangs as it obviously looses connectivity to exchange
if i shut down or reboot domain controller number 2 instead  i dont loose connectivity
they are both global catalog servers
shouldnt exchange use the other domain controller incase one fails?
does exchange need the domain controller to have specific roles ?
hou do i get exchange to work with doman controller number 2?
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Exchange locks itself on to one particular domain controller. While Exchange will go looking for another server, it doesn't do it immediately. I believe it doesn't go looking for another GC/DC for 35 minutes.

If you are going to loose the domain controller that Exchange is locked to, then your best bet is to restart the Exchange server, once the Exchange server is down, reboot or shutdown the domain controller so that when Exchange comes back it has to use the other machine.

Although you will also need to change some settings in Exchange itself for it to use the other dc. The Recipient Update Service settings in ESM needs to know what domain controller to point to as well.

Chris StauntonCommented:
If I've read your question right it's about outlook hanging, if you are running Outlook 2003 you can hold down the CTRL+SHIFT Keys and right click on the Outlook icon in your system tray in the lower right, once you do this you will have an extra option called "Connection Status" from this window you can reconnect to your exchange server and directory servers, this should locate the running DC and establish a new connection for you.

Hope that helps!


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Do you have both DNS servers listed in your IP stack for the Exchange server?  
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