how to capture information in an email to be used in an application that will be launched for an incoming message

hi experts,

can anyone point me out on where to start with this project.  can we do a background update on an sql table based on email?  how can i capture the information written on the email.  we're planning to use the alert option in the outlook and set it so that an application (which will perform the actual update) will run if an incoming email with a specific word on it arrives.

any ideas/thought/help would be greatly appreciated.

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David LeeCommented:
Greetings, wala_lang.

You can do this with an Outlook macro.  Macros are written in VBScript.  To write a macro click Tools->Macro->Visual Basic Editor, then write the code.  Since you want to run the macro from a rule you'll need to format the macro a certain way.  Specifically, you have to pass it a single parameter representing the newly arrived mail item.  Generally like this:

'You can name the macro whatever you want, but the parameter needs to be as shown here.
Sub MyMacro(Item as Outlook.MailItem)
    'Code goes here
End Sub

Connect the script to a rule by selecting the rule action "run a script" and then selecting the macro name from the "Select Script" dialog-box.


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