Adobe Acrobat 7.0 last printed datestamp

Hi...I'm a Newbie with Adobe Acrobat Pro and currently in a jam.  The version I am using is 7.0 Pro

My question is as follows.  

I have 10 PDF documents that I need to modify so that they all reflect somewhere on the document (pref top left hand corner) the date it was last printed.  It has to reflect the current date everytime it is printed.  Your help is much appreciated.


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My first question is this: Are any of these documents currently forms, or are they just static stuff?  If they are already forms, and they're not standard Acrobat forms, ignore the rest of this...

You say you're using Pro, so there's no problem saving the data in the form...

If you add a date field in the spot you want on the form, then you can add a text field to the thing.  Open the form in Pro, then choose the Tools menu, then Advaced Editing and then Text Field.  Then draw the field onto the form.

In the box that then appears, you can set various options for the field.  All I set was on the first tab, and I changed the name to DateLastPrinted (you might worry more about the rest as far as looks go.)

Now, you go to the Advanced menu, choose JavaScript, then Set Document Actions...  Once in there, select "Document did print" and hit Edit.  You could also select "Document will print", in which case your updated date will print.  If you choose "did print", then this script will run *after* printing, and thus print the old date or nothing.

Enter these 2 lines in your chosen script window:

todaystring = util.printd("D MMMM, YYYY", new Date(), true);
this.getField("DateLastPrinted").value = todaystring;

The date format stuff is standard JavaScript, and you can see how to do your own starting on page 631 of the Adobe JavaScipt Reference, available here:

Actually, that's a really good page, and it's here:

Hope that helps.

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Oh, I should have mentioned that if you want the document to remember this date, you will have to save it.

You could use something like closeDoc() to close it and save it...but that closes it, and you might not want that.

I think perhaps using the script I provided in the "Will Print" routine will have the desired effect of putting the date it was printed onto the actual printout, perhaps?

Anyway, that's all I've got.
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