tracking down and stopping "phishing emails"

Best way to start tracking  and stopping "phishing emails".

Should I deploy Third party solution like Postini to start.

Shoul I block the IP address that Phishing emails are coming from ?
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Are you asking for yourself, or for your organization?

For yourself, a good junk/spam filter combined with some fine-tuning of that same filter should help a lot.
People have praised postini though I don't use it myself. I get good results with just the junk filter that is included with Outlook 2003.

Some more suggestions in these threads:

From a corporate point of view you can look at a couple of good products:

SurfControl Email filter sits on your gateway and this is a good solution

MIMESWEEPER is another good email filter product which I have used.

You can subscribe to real time blacklists although these rely on the provider keeping them uptodate.  As r-k said Outlook 2003 offers a good filter solution.

Hope this helps.  If you want to know more about these two products let me know.

Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
It's an uphill battle, and Phishers are changing their tactics all the time. Currently all you can do is look for blackhole lists, and have email's and IM's inspected for alternate characters. With CrossSite Scripting expolits on the rise, you can even fool the "real" site into thinking the link is legit
When one of the biggest fraud and phishing investigative teams are even fooled (eBay) you just have to shudder...

Bruce Schneier is one of the foremost security practitioners in the world ( ),1283,69076,00.html (can't trust that pad-lock) (very sneaky... no toolbar's for that, no black-hole list for a 0-day attack)

Again, it's a threat that is not easy to combat. Security is a Process, not a Program. I'd just about forget about tracking down the original source's of phishing emails and or IM's, as spoffing the email headers is trivial, and even if not forged, the email likely came from a "bot" or a compromised "zombie" computer, that zombies owner would know nothing about how they were hacked, and would likely be found to be innocent of any wrong doing.

Educating users about how harmful the internet is, and how easy it is for people to fall victim, as well as how easily impersonation can be done is paramount. Asking for help and verification should also be instilled into your users. If they are unsure what to look for, or if they think something is suspecious, they should ask the question, rather than err on the side of convience. You should still employ all the resources you can to help protect your users, but it can really boil down to "gullability" or users being too trusting of the internet and the people they interact with on the internet. I'm not sure we can answer the question anytime soon completely, again it's an ever changing threat that you have to keep up with and research...

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