Fixing white graphics border for web graphics with a non-white background

Just curious.  I have an e-commerce site that it pretty much preconfigured, although I have the ability to edit the layout and style sheets.  The web graphcis apparently are either .gif or .jpg images that have a thin rim of white around the border.  When the background is white they display fine.  I am interested in changing the background so that the site otherwise looks more appealing, but if I do so the white border is opaque and obscures the underlying background.

Short of editing the actual web graphics themselves, is there a way to change the background (I was going to go for a marble appearance that is off white to a light lavender color) without having the white graphic border obscure the background.  Is there a way to do some image processing on the fly or otherwise minimize an ugly display layout?  Is it best to just stick with the white background?

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Could you post a link to your site.

Is the background you want subtle? If not patterned backgrounds can sometimes make the information on a site hard to read.
sscottiAuthor Commented:
To answer your question, you can do this with web programming languages such as PHP, Coldfusion, or ASP.
Your best bet is PHP, check this out:

That being said, I HIGHLY recommend you just crop the borders out of the photos manually with whatever graphics software you can use.  Doing any on the fly resizing would be a huge waste of resources unless it is absolutly critical as part of the website's function.  Not to mention, it would horribly drag down the loading speed.

On the fly image manipulation should only be used if A) you are creating thumbnails on the fly of what your users upload or B) you have hundreds of photos to do.

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sscottiAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the response.  I don't have that kind of control over the server, so that sort of image manipulation is out, although I have had some exposure to that playing with a typo installation on my own server using both LINUX and Windows.  Chaning the background to the off-white color or just tolerating what I have seem like the resonable options.  I do have hundreds or thousands of images to deal with though.
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