Make this image bigger with good quality

I need help with this image (the computer/ticket part of the logo at I made it from 2 small images but I need it much bigger... about 400X400.. but just resizing makes it look aweful and pixelated and i can't reproduce the curve in the ticket. can someone help me out with this?
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Adding a blur to it may help.
Again i would use blur and soften. until the desired result is gained.

Alternatively you could make it the size you like

Create a new layer and then draw round it using the pen tool and fill the insides,

when you have done it all you then delete the layer behind the new one.

and you should have your resized image.
what is your e-mail address i will send it you when i have completed it.
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CaiapfasAuthor Commented:
look in my members profile its there and many thanks
Ben McNellyCommented:
I would be carefull here fellas. you seem to be on a fine line to violating the members agreement.
Adding blur still looks awfull. To get the best result you shoudl vectorize it with Adobe Illustrator. I could that for ya, if you'd like. After doing that, you can resize it without losing quality at all!

greets Andre
CaiapfasAuthor Commented:

I would appreciate it. I don't know Illystrator very well at all. If it isn't too complicated, after you do it, could you post a walk-through or send me to a tutorial site?
Hey Caiapfas,

I vectorized it. But I dont have the right font for the name of the company. Maybe you can add them yourself?

I drew the logo again, using the pen tool. That's actually all I did. I mailed the logo to your hotmail account.

Greetings Andre
try resizing the image in 10% incraments or smaller using bicubic smoother.  When done use unsharpmask to sharpen one color layer at a time ie Red Green Blue etc.. Some layers have more noise than others, those you can skip or lower your unsharp perams

use very low settings for the unsharpmask such as 40, .07, 0
Hi Guys,

There's no way any amount of blurring/softening/careful sharpening is going to make this image look OK at 400x400. Shane is on the money - blow up the image to the size you want, and use vector tools (PS or Illustrator) to re-create it. It's a pain I know, but good practice if you're not familiar with vector stuff.

Good luck!
i will host it today for you will post it shortly, thanks guys
ok go to

400x400 jpg file in this location.

I have included the psd file too which still has the path layer on it if you need it, from there i filled in the path and applied about a 2.0 Radius Gausian Blur

Hope this is what you were after.



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