Setting up a web/office server

    I'm trying to setup a windows 2003 server.

Its a small network of about 6 PCs
I get a router and attach the 6 pcs to the router, one of them being a server
I'm mostly going to be managing the network remotely so i'm planning to setup a few server applications that are going to be listening on ports eg
*router remote administration
*RDP connections to server and maybe all other PCs (may use different listening ports on each computer)
All this using the port forwarding feature of the router.

I have a domain name which i'm planning to use with this server/network (does that sound right?)

I've done this before with dynamic where i just have the dyn domain forwarded to the routers ip and the do the port forwarding.
I thought i could make this a little more complex using DNS and Advanced DNS, wrong choice... (or was it?)
I really don't understand how works, or to state a bit clearer i only understand the bit about looking up domain names on dns servers (usually the ones provided by my isp).
But associating ip with a particular server, registering a dns server, hosts, mx, mxe, cname... #*&@*$*$@* all become really cryptic and confusing

HLEP!! Brief reading materials/links with illustrations welcomed ( me likee pictures)

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very basic learning information
        If you're setting a Windows 2003 server. The first step is to configure a DNS server. This a pretty easy process.

1. Control Panel - System Tool - DNS Server
2. Follow the wizard in order to create a Primary Zone
3. For the zone name use the domain you want to use. Use only the domain name (do not include www, ftp, or anything else).
4. Once the primary sone has been created you'll assign "A" records. In this step is where you bound your ip address to your domain.  **IMPORTANT** Remember to use the same IP with your hosting company. Otherwise, you can't access you site, ftp, etc.

After you're done with the DNS you have to setup your servers for mail, www, ftp and other. If you need help with them let me know.  
adecoldAuthor Commented:
Thanks... Think i understand all that DNS part and all thanks to the reading supplied by Datorbagarn.

Now here's the last question concerning this... (hopefully)
say there are 5 computers also connected to the same router...
Can i go into it and do something like ==>
where pc1 is the name of one of the computers connected to the router and i use a regular local (192.168.x.x) IP address ??
If i do this can i use to access my computer??? if yes, since it's behind a router, can it listen to requests from outside the network on a certain port. Say, can i RDP (which listens on RDP port)??? or does the router block it.
adecoldAuthor Commented:
** When i say can i go into it... i mean go into the DNS settings

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