multiple databases: DB->open EINVAL error


I tried to create a single file containing many databases.
Creating environnement then handle works well but opening the
database gives me an EINVAL error.

The documentation say that I must set up many things:

-page size
-encryption and checksum
-byte order

Could you tell me how to setu up the environnement and what customizations
are realy required to build multiple database in a single files.

Thank you

OS: Linux slackware

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How about posting some code which shows your problem. I simply wrote the following:
#include <db.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

char *st1_db_name = "st1_db";
char *st2_db_name = "st2_db";
static char *db_name = "test.db";
static DB *hDb1, *hDb2;

int main(void){
  int i_rval;
  i_rval =  db_create(&hDb1, NULL, 0);
  if (0 != i_rval){
    fprintf(stderr, "could not create Database handle, giving up\n");
    goto clean;
  i_rval = db_create(&hDb2, NULL, 0);
  if (0 != i_rval){
    fprintf(stderr, "could not create Database handle, giving up\n");
    goto clean;
  /* open the first databse in file db_name */
  i_rval = hDb1->open(hDb1, NULL, db_name, st1_db_name, DB_HASH, DB_CREATE, 0);
  if (0 != i_rval){
    hDb2->err(hDb2, i_rval, "DB err");
    goto clean;
  /* open the second database in the same file db_name */
  i_rval = hDb2->open(hDb2, NULL, db_name, st2_db_name, DB_HASH, DB_CREATE, 0);
  if (0 != i_rval){
    hDb2->err(hDb2, i_rval, "DB_ERR");
    goto clean;
  /* cleanung up omitted */

  return 0;  
  fprintf(stderr, "Something went wrong, giving up\n");
  if (hDb1) hDb1->close(hDb1, 0);
  if (hDb2) hDb2->close(hDb2, 0);


And that simply has worked. So you see there are to database handles but they are just in one file. Now I can use the handles as I like.


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intmailAuthor Commented:
Hi fridom,

The issue was solved but another appears: ->put function gives me an error that I can not match with any specified in docs. I will post you this next time.
I can not see the reason for that I posted code which shows how to do that. This solves the mentioned problem
"The issue was solved...."

So I answered the question. Deleting would be unfair IMHO.

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