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Dear Experts,

I have nicely running NTL broadband shared over a wireless network using a D-Link DI-624+ wireless router. With the recent uprising of VoIP I decided to give it a whirl. I purchased another router with a built in VoIP adapter (Zoom V3) so that I could still use my normal house phones for both PSTN calls and VoIP calls. And I registered a sipgate account.

Ok, now the next step, is to get the Zoom router talking to the net.

I wired the Zoom router into a normal switch port of the D-Link router and disabled all WAN addresses and DHCP,NAT,DNS and Firewall settings on the Zoom router as the D-Link one should take care of it all. This all worked great. Except that I don't think the Zoom router is reaching the outside world. It's merely a switch now.

The D-Link is on, and is also the DHCP server.
The Zoom router is on (Reserverd IP from the D-Link Router) and, but with no DHCP,NAT or DNS.
The Zoom router's WAN settings are Static IP and Gateway

I plugged a machine into a switch port on the Zoom router and configured it's IP to,, and a gateway and DNS of I figured that this would determine if the Zoom router is in fact getting to the internet. I then used this machine to try and open up google, and it failed.

I think one solution is to swap the two routers over but I am reluctant to do this incase I screw up my entire network.

Basically I need to get the Zoom router to connect to the internet going through the D-Link router.
So there are two parts, how do I do this and how do I check that it is working?

Any help is sooooo greatly appreciated as I am totally knackered with this, and as its 3:47am I have reached the IT man's wits end.
Please experts, help me!!!!

A million thanks in advance.
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If you want to get it working as is, it's the WAN interface of the Zoom router that needs to be connected to the D-Link switch port. If the Zoom LAN network is also, you'll need to change it to something different from the D-Link, say,

What will happen then is that Zoom Lan (192.168.1.X) gets NATted to 192.168.0.X which gets NATted to your NTL address.

The problem though is that the D-Link is not SIP aware and to use VOIP features will require several port mappings to the Zoom device. My suggestion would be to keep it as simple as possible and use the Zoom instead of the D-Link.

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