Cannot Connect to Remote Database Using Eclipse

HI iam using Eclipse 3.0.1 ans sqlexplorer_2.2.4. My Webhosting provider provided MYSQL4.0.1. Well iam tryiong to connect using SQLExporer using Eclipse.
I have entered following details
Name:: MyDBName
Driver :: MMMysqlSQL Driver
URL :: jdbc:mysql://
UserName :: myusername
Password :: mypassword
Iam getting an exception after some time like this::
Unable top Connect to any hosts due to exeption Connection timed out.......
What could be the problem?????
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is ur dbname is correct .MyDBName.
i think this problem comes if ur dbname does not exist.
Have you got the correct port details too?

Also ensure that there are no firewalls interferring?

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Try this function to connect

boolean EstablishConnection() {
  String myUsername = "myusername";
  String myPassword = "mypassword";
    try {
       // replace  "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" with your own driver
      Class.forName( "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" ).newInstance() ;
    } catch ( Exception ex ) {
      System.out.println( "DRIVER REGISTRATION EXCEPTION\n" + ex ) ;
      // return false to communicate failure
      return false ;
    // try to connect to database
    try {  
      /* The username and password for the database must be set here */
      String strUserPass = "&user=" + myUsername + "&password=" + myPassword ;
      String strPort = "" ;   // default is :3306
      // try to establish a connection
      conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://" + strPort + "/" + strDatabase + "?autoReconnect=true" + strUserPass ) ;
      return true;
    } catch ( SQLException sqlex ) {
      // split the error message on the tab characters and then display it
      String[] sqlexLines = sqlex.toString().split( "\t" ) ;
      System.out.println( "CONNECTION EXCEPTION\n" + sqlexLines[ 0 ] ) ;
      for ( int k = 1 ; k < sqlexLines.length ; k++ ) {
        System.out.println( "\n" + sqlexLines[ k ] ) ;
      // return false to communicate failure
      return false ;
lensiAuthor Commented:

Guys Got it. Its a Firewal issue.

Lenin Chalasani
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