uninstalling parental-locked norton internet security 2004??

Hi there.

I have a laptop that was installed (prior to me receiving it) with windows xp professional and norton internet security 2004.

The NIS is setup to use parental controls, ie when a user is logged on there, he is logged on as a restricted user (as far as norton internet security is concerned, whether or not Windows xp thinks he's a computer administrator or not).

this is unacceptable since I want to use ssh out of the laptop but I can't do it since i can't get NIS to allow me to.

How the heck do i uninstall NIS please since there is no administrator user in "normal" windows xp control panel -> users and when I login to safe mode,
administrator, the thing says "sorry i'm in safe mode, you can't uninstall me now, do it in normal mode"

bloody norton!!

any ideas please?

thanks very much for any input

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nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
you should be able to uninstall NIS in any account with computer administrator rights.

if you do not have such an account, log into safe mode as administrator and grant administrator privellages to one of the users.  then restart in normal mode and delete the program through add/remove programs.

In some situations, Norton does not let you deinstall you even if you are administrator.
The fastes way to deinstall the program is to go to http://www.symatec.com/symnrt. Just ignore what it says, scroll down to "Run SymNRT" and click on the link "SymNRT.exe".

 This will start an automatic removal tool that deletes most things from Symantec from your computer - so only use it if you don't have any other Symantec programs.


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Sorry, I misspelled the link, here's the correct one: http://www.symantec.com/symnrt.
darynAuthor Commented:
you're right, el_dav. the fact that the user logged on is a computer administrator is not worth squat to NIS, it's all about the user that originally installed the program.

However, I figured out a way to do it (before reading this):

I couldnt log on as "Administrator" (the user that installed NIS) to windows xp since it was accessible only in safe mode and NIS wouldnt run in safe mode.
Thus I stopped the Symantec Password Validation service and Settings Manager service. This logged me out of my current "grunt level" NIS user. On restarting the services, it was ready for me to login as another user. This let me login as Administrator and then i could use control panel to get rid of the damn accounts settings and get it back to non-account installation.

damned thing. anyway, thanks all. will remember your solution in case it happens again :)
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