Remaining 1 more day in the year 2005 (URGENT)

What would be the impact of staying on 31 Dec 2005 , during 01/01/2006?

On 02/01/2006 the correct date would be resumed.

Lotus Domino 6.5 + Lotus Domino 5.0.13

Clients R5 + R6

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sync957pAuthor Commented:
question answer valid only until today
what is your question?

If it is a Single server without any replicas around the glode, it will be 31st Dec 05, else it follows Time Zone.
sync957pAuthor Commented:
Sorry I didn't explain it troughly.

2 servers (6.5 and 5)

300 users working on replicas.

Can I do this without damaging databases and/or losing data?

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Are you thinking of putting the clock behind one day? Might work, but you have to bear in mind that lots of things might go wrong:
- replication leans heavily on the timestamps in a document and in a database
- documents will have been created in the future
- replication with other servers will lead to more documents created in the future
- mails will leave (or arrive) on the wrong date

In short: if the server is disconnected from the company network (no replication, no mail), and the workstation you use (also disconnected from the network) is also set to one day earlier, you will encounter no problems. If NT, no need for a workstation.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Just saw your last post. Why do you want to stop the clock? Can you isolate the work to be done, set up a separate Domino server and do it on that server?
sync957pAuthor Commented:
All WAN will change date.

I mean :

Active Directory
All Win servers
DHCP servers
DNS servers
Domino servers

ALSO all CLIENT machines will change date.

We need to stop it because there's work to be done within the year 2005
and our document management system depends on AS400 and Domino heavly.

If I am in your position.... I won't touch anything and won't mess with time&date
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Maddy, I second your motion! If you need more time anyway, then set up the extra NT-server and do whatever you want on it.
Because of the way that Notes uses time stamps from both the server and individual machines, you will probably not e able to stop the clock without having some serioue issues.

Even setting up a seperate server does not guarantee that problems will not arrive.

Only if you do not replicate at all, and work on a totally isolated server, do you have any chance of having this succeed.
Even then I do not know how you plan to actually stop the clock.

If you turn the Clock back, you will be messing up all sorts of agents and designs that depend on an accurate time stamp.

I do NOT reccommend this.

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sync957pAuthor Commented:
Grade A :

I understood what's involved in the process thanks to these answers.

We decided NOT to perform this, due to high risks.

Thank you.
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