MS Access Add a Boolean type Column

i am Adding a boolean type Columng to Access Table.  But after executing below mentioned code, in design instead of Check Box, 0 will appear.  Is there any way to set Lookp to check Box.

strInsert = "ALTER TABLE UnitRecurCharges ADD COLUMN urc_bln_InsCancelDayEnd Bit "
db.Execute strInsert
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You will add the checkbox to a form and bind the box to the field.  Checkbox is a method of displaying the data - not saving it.

Scott C.
hoysalaAuthor Commented:
hi Scott

i don't wan't check box on Form. instead in the Table

Use this:

strInsert = "ALTER TABLE UnitRecurCharges ADD COLUMN urc_bln_InsCancelDayEnd YESNO "
db.Execute strInsert

Good luck

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hoysalaAuthor Commented:
No This also doesn't works. It will  put Yes, Instead of 0.   Also the under Look up Display Control shows Text box only.  Is there any way so that we can change Display control to Check Box insetad of Text Box.
In design view for the table, what is the field type?


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hoysalaAuthor Commented:
In Design Field Type will be Yes/No. But format will be blank and under Look up Display Control will be Text
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