New hard drive won't format

Hi everyone.

Ive bought a new WD 160GB hard drive. Put it in my computer and tried to install XP on it using the XP cd. Firstly i have to format it, but it will not do this it doesnt get past 0%. Tried making it the slave drive and formatting it using windows and DOS but still just stays on 0%.
Also in the blue format screen, it says that i only have 127GB rather than 160GB.
I read somewhere on the internet that motherboards usually need updating if this happens, i was wondering if the two were related, and thats the reason that the HD won't format as well. I have a asrock k7s8 motherboard could someone point me in the direction of how to update the BOIS (if it needs doing) and where i would find the BOID update. thanks

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dajoebombAuthor Commented:
K7s8x sorry
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:

Your model is NOT listed...

Make your 160gig hardrive MASTER... CD ROM SLAVE....if you are formatting via DOS, make sure you partition the drive FDISK, and create a primary partiion (generall ALL the drive).

Format the drive.  The DOS (Win98 for example) will more than likely report some other value.  Just let it proceed.
When you run the Windows XP installation, make sure you select this newly formatted partition and CONVERT TO NTFS.

The BIOS generally would need to be updated BEFORE you do this. However, in some cases you MAY be OK.
There's a 128GB limit in the BIOS - so it may be easier to attach the harddisk to a pci-controller card with it's own bios on it. (without the limitation)

No hassle with drivers, or you may do as irwinpks suggests - try to partition it under dos.

There are other solutions too - like disk managers (sometimes you can get them for free at the harddisk's man.-site) - but i don't think it's a good idea - because you'll have to load extra drivers under XP with F6... (and that kind of things...)

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Dilip KhanolkarCommented:
Just update your bios it will do the magic the bios can be updated at any computer store or the service centre
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
rather than go to the store... it would be best to download it from the manufacturer....however, the manufacturer doesn't have any updates available on their site.
theres also the Windows XP limit of the 137 gb where you need to upgrade to sp1 or sp2 to get all the space, i cant remember.
Dilip KhanolkarCommented:
no as far as i know operating systems dont have any of these kinds of limits for space it is only for the file system & as far as i know ntfs supports something in tb
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Titanium Sniper I recall seeing that when I used the MAXTOR instlallation software the other day.
dajoebombAuthor Commented:
irwinpks i can't format the drive as you said because it just gets stuck on 0%. left it for an hour and it didnt move. thats one of my problems.
Dilip KhanolkarCommented:
Try to format the hardisk into another computer if this doesnt happen have your windows cd checked for errors
dajoebombAuthor Commented:
well ive managed to format my hard drive using WD tools off their web site. Now the trouble is putting XP on. I presume as mutley69 said that i will now need to load extra drivers using F6. How do i do this?
Dilip KhanolkarCommented:
During initial fase installation it will be asking you to press f6 on the down left side at that time press f6 & insert the drivers disk in the cd rom acquired from the manufacturer then procede as by the installation
Put the windows xp disc in the drive during boot up. Once it says "Press any key to boot from CD..." press enter/space or whatever. Then about 2-4 seconds later it still say at the bottom "PRESS F6 to install blah blah". Press F6 and then it will ask you to insert a floppy disk containing the drivers for that HD/controller.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Hey, this is still open.. what's the status?  Any new development?  I would like to table this or help you out.  If there is a valid answer could you please grade accordingly.  If there were many input from other's splitting the poinst would be good as we invested our time in helping you out.  Please advise.
dajoebombAuthor Commented:
Well ive searched on other forums as well. Ive upgraded the BIOS but my motherboard still doesnt support 48 bit LBA, so ive gone with mutley69's answer, but i still dont know weather this will work yet, ill give him the points thow, thanks very much guys hope the pci ide controller works!
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