DLL 'TabControlEx' not working for some reason

I have downloaded a custom tabcontrol DLL, 'TabControlEX' from the author's website (third one down on the page: http://www.dotnetrix.co.uk/tabcontrols.html ) but i cannot make the dll get recognised in visual studio.

I have added it as a reference in the project, and it shows up under 'references' in the solution explorer tree, but when I try to do anything with the TabControlEX (i.e. i put "using TabControlEX;" at the top, and try to add a TabControl to my page) it says the type or namespace 'TabControlEX' could not be found.  I'm pretty sure i'm doing it right, what could be wrong?
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Bob LearnedCommented:
What .NET version do you have?  The fully qualified name for the control from the source code appears to be Dotnetrix_Samples.TabControl.

ant84Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply, I've tried it in both vs2003 and 2005, both of them do the same thing: it shows up in the Solution Explorer but any reference to 'TabControlEX' and it says it doesn't know what it is.  Dotnetrix_Samples.TabControl does much the same thing, is there anything special i need to do after adding a DLL reference?

You have to Add the controls in the Toolbox (right click on a Tab in ToolBox, AddRemove Items, Browse, select TabControlEx.dll and OK. TabControlEX andGroupBoxEX will appear in your toolbox).
In the using clause you must only specify the namespace, in this case
   using Dotnetrix.Controls;


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ant84Author Commented:
That's fantastic, thanks sumix.  I'm so pleased!  The non-grey on the background looks so much better now, dead chuffed.  Thanks very much.
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