Ad Sync Partially fails

Our Active Directory Synchronization has been partially failing in both our dev and production environment.

The event the set trac utility shows:

<Type>Warning</Type><Severity>4</Severity><Time>12/29/05 09:02:21</Time><Data><Error><Component>AD Connector </Component><File>AutoADProcess</File><Line>-1</Line><Description><![CDATA[AD Res Pool Sync - PDS ADD Res failed : Reksc; Jaimie]]></Description></Error></Data></Item>

<Reply><HRESULT>0</HRESULT><STATUS>2028</STATUS><UserName>Administrator</UserName><ResourcesAdd><Resources><Resource><Name>Reksc; Jaimie</Name><NTAccount>NYSDTF\MI01JXR</NTAccount><ReplyStatus>2028</ReplyStatus></Resource>

I looked up the error code (I assume the reply status is the error code):

rsResourceNTAccountAlreadyInUse = 2028

Yet I have no idea wha this means or under what situations this may occur. I can't find any documentation that gives a better description.
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Hello blottomac,

just a suggestion but looking up your error in here

the <AD Res Pool Sync - PDS ADD Res failed : Reksc; Jaimie> and <rsResourceNTAccountAlreadyInUse> parts look like an issue with adding a user that already is present as a user in the project db

from the article above
Known issues
• PDS ADD commands may fail if the displayName of a new user or resource matches that of an existing Project Server user or resource. The Active Directory displayName property maps to the User name property or to the Resource Name property in Project Server. Project Server requires that these field values are unique throughout a single Project Server database.
• PDS ADD commands may fail if you have manually added a user to Project Server but their Windows Account or User Name fields do not match those properties in Active Directory. The Windows Account or User Name fields must exactly match the User Name and Resource Name properties in Active Directory. If they do not exactly match, an error status code of 2028 or 2029 may be logged in the application event log.

hope this helps a bit and A happy new year!

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blottomacAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks Bruintje I had seen this article and this is one of causing I am considering. The user has the same last name as another user already in the resources pool. The displayname if I understand correctly is the resources last name;first name or the user name in the AD therefore I was discounting this since the fields do match exactly becuase the first names are different. I mean i might be wrong here maybe the same last name is enough plus we have many users with the same last name and this only seems to be affecting thsi one account. I will check the manual addition..thanks.

Happy new Year
blottomacAuthor Commented:
OK Bruintje..your the man..there is an old inactive user who has the same user id as the record in win
Glad you found the problem :-)
blottomacAuthor Commented:
the question becomes how to fix it...
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