SQL Update exception?


When I tomcat run this preparedstatement an exception is thrown in the java tomcat window. Though I cannot find the exception in the log files.

Could I ask if I am correct in using statement.executeUpdate() ?

Or any there is any other small errors?


      PreparedStatement statement = null;

         conn = (Connection)source.getConnection();

         String sql = "UPDATE user SET firstname=? lastname=? email=? telno=? expertise=? WHERE email=?";

         statement = conn.prepareStatement(sql);
         int rowsChanged = statement.executeUpdate();

         if(rowsChanged > 0){
            return true;
      catch(SQLException e){
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try this

String sql = "UPDATE user SET firstname=?, lastname=?, email=?, telno=?, expertise=? WHERE email=?";

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You need commas in your sql statement.
AntoniRyszard656Author Commented:
Thank you,

I would also be interested to ask, if you could explain the use of the ejb?

I wondered if the ejb was similar to hibernate, and helped in storing and retrieving objects from the database? And why text-books often dislike the ejb?


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>>I would also be interested to ask, if you could explain the use of the ejb?
Perhaps you would like to open a new question and close this one :)

AntoniRyszard656Author Commented:
I think I will keep the question open shortly incase others was the add.
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