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I built a short link system so I can use something like "" as opposed to "", I have my parsing code in my Application.CFM, so I pick up if an ID was passed and check to see if it's a valid short link. I can redirect fine on a normal browser, and I need to be able to do this in WML. For some reason, when using my method on a handset I get a "500 Internal Server Error", damn WAP browsers and their lack of error handling :(

This is all I do if I find a valid short link

<cfif GetLink.RecordCount EQ 0>
      <cflocation url="invalid.cfm" addtoken="NO">
      <cflocation url="#GetLink.URL#" addtoken="NO">

Anyone know any solid solutions for redirecting on a WAP browser? I've read conflicting articles about cflocation working and not working, and about it requiring an absolute path and others saying it needs a relative path for it to work in WML. Is there a tried and tested method I can use to redirect a WAP browser to a WML page from my Application.CFM?
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One problem may be that URL is a restricted word and should not be used as the variable name.

Other than that I don't know much about handsets
KastionAuthor Commented:
I've had problems with WML query strings before, it's really touchy, and needs &amp; instead of just an &, so we use LinkFreeze and use /'s to seperate all the variables. I don't think it's a problem with restricted names, "URL" is a field in a database and "GetLink" is my query so I don't think thats causing issues. This works on normal web browsers anyways, the short link/redirect work fine. I'm just getting a 500 internal server error on the phones, and WAP browsers output no debug info at all so it's near impossible to track it down.
KastionAuthor Commented:
I've found a solution. I do a <cfsavecontent> and write a dynamic WML page to a variable, then I write it to the page. I do my redirect through WML and just use coldfusion to determine where to redirect to.

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