Create a fancy login form for use with integrated authentication

Looking to create a fancy login form to replace the standard windows integrated authentication popup on one specific site on my server.  It appears there is more to this than I had thought.  Could someone spell it out for me?

currently, you go to and you get a windows popup (from IIS integrated authentication).  I would like to have  with a fancy gateway page, including a username / password field.  When the user clicks on submit, I'd like them and their username / password to be forworded to without the popup.

Is this even possible.
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terrymasonAuthor Commented:
would it be possible to simply auto fill the popup?  Have a login on the main gateway page with a "enter portal" button, and when they click that, it autofills the popup with info from the previous page?
This isn't possible.  You need the client to authenticate a windows account known to the portal server.  If the user account underwhich the client is running doesn't do this then the dialog to enter a windows username/password/domain pops up.

You would need client side binaries doing something real heavy in windows to skin this dialog if even that were possible and even then it's likely to shot down by AV and anti-spyware stuff.

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terrymasonAuthor Commented:
OK, that makes sense.  I currently have it doing what I want, but it simply redirects the login to another public machine.

I am getting ready to build an ISA machine.  Would that help at all?  Does ISA have any sort of proxy forwarding built in?
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