SCORM content for Flash Presentations is being blocked

I work for a company that hosts an online Learning Managment System for EMT's. We have recently implemented SCORM content on our site. The issue is that we have a handful of clients who now cannot recieve the same content that was non-SCORM now that it is SCORM. I feel this is a firewall issue but since the content streams in Flash it is not on any other ports than what Flash is streaming on I am at a loss. Any suggestions would be great. I am assigning a large amount of points to this because this would be a huge help to me.
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I am having hard time understanding what your problem is and what you are looking for and I am sure many other people have the same problem when reading the question...  You might want to refine it abit better so that we can understand it...  ;)

emsedAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I wasnt very clear before. I answered my question and figured it out. All the clients were using a Web/URL blocking software.In the case of Watchguard they were using WebBlocker. Even though the software wasn't blocking the URL, it was blocking the SCORM packets attached to the Flash presentations
Dang, that blockers...  :D
Glad you found out where the problem is...  ;)

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