Image next to Input positiong problems.

I am trying to make a DHTML combobox and am having trouble with the positioning of the image next to the textbox. The textbox will move down about 5 pixels from where it should be. If I take the image out, the textbox is back to where it should be. Any way to fix this? here is the code:

      <div id="cbo" style="width:200px;">
            <input id="txt" type="text" /><img src="_images/seldn.gif" />
            <div class="list">
                  <div>This is a list item.</div>
                  <div>This is a list item.</div>
                  <div>This is a list item.</div>
                  <div>This is a list item.</div>
                  <div>This is a list item.</div>
                  <div>This is a list item.</div>
                  <div>This is a list item.</div>
                  <div>This is a list item.</div>

#cbo input{background:url(../_images/txtbg.gif) repeat-x;border-left:solid 1px #EBEBE5;border-top:solid 1px #EBEBE5;
      border-right:solid 1px #B4B5A1;border-bottom:solid 1px #B4B5A1;color:#9B9C8B;margin:0px;width:0px;}
#cbo img{margin:0px;}
#cbo .list{background:#EBEBE5;border:solid 1px #B4B5A1;display:none;height:100px;overflow:auto;position:absolute;width:200px;top:20px;left:0px;}
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Add vertical alignment to your img as follows.

#cbo img
vertical-align: top;

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awilinskAuthor Commented:
Thanks that worked. Why did I need to add that?
awilinskAuthor Commented:
I am having a problem in IE though. The textbox looks like it has a 1px margin on the top and bottom. It looks great in Firefox. Any ideas how to get rid of that imaginary margin?
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You needed the vertical alignment because by default everything is aligned along the bottom of the line, with the textbox coming down to the bottom of the image.

I can't see the problem with the margin so maybe you better post your entire source or a link to the page.
awilinskAuthor Commented:

I put a darker background for the containing DIV so it's easier to see. 1px of the background shows up above the textbox. This is not seen in FF. Any suggestions?
Try adding a wrapper/container to the input+image set and assign a line-height value:

<div style="line-height:30px;"><input id="txt" type="text" /><img src="_images/seldn.gif" /></div>

You have to play with the 30px; it might be 20px; 22px; or 50px; just what looks best.

awilinskAuthor Commented:
It didn't change. I think it may be IE saying that the textbox is 1px bigger than it actually shows. Oh well I can deal with the one pixel.  Thanks so much for the help.
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