Java Properties - Use to Switch database


I am currently running Resin on my own personal computer as a development environment.  I want a way so that when I put the same files up on my web hosts server, they will connect to the production database instead of a test database.

My current database connection code is stored in a backend factory.  I want to add some way to know which environment I am in (which system I am on), so I can change the jdbc dynamically.

Is this the right way to do this or is there an easier way?
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You could use a DataSource which can be set up from a context.xml or the server.xml.

For differentiating between different servers, I think that nothing beats a properties file which contains the host url.

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stevedaveAuthor Commented:
Could you give an example of either xml file and how I would setup the DataSource?  And where does the .xml go in the directory structure?
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stevedaveAuthor Commented:
I used System.getProperties to pull out the user name of the current user.  On my web server, it is always different from my development system.  It works, but I am wondering if this is a good way to do it.  Anyone have any insight?  It was very easy to do.
Disagree, using a Datasource is a valid answer
Yes BUT the Asker found another solution which worked for him. This is PAQ - refund.
stevedaveAuthor Commented:
I did find my own solution, but I don't have a problem with awarding the points to bloodredsun.  I probably should implement his solution, but I am still working out the kinks between my local environment and my webserver's environment.

I will award him points.
thank you :-)
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